Nerd, Average, or a Lazy Bum
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Nerd, Average, or a Lazy Bum

Ever wondered what category you're in? Are you an Albert Einstein, An Average, or just a Lazy Bum? This is just a fun, little quiz I made up.

Question 1:Which Honor would you most likely want to receive?
Nobel Peace Prize
Best Cartoon-Making
Pie-Eating Award

Question 2:What do you do in your free time?
Party Hard!!!
Go to the movies with my friends
Go to a Leaf Museum, and write a 24 page essay

Question 3:You have $1,000. What do you do with it?
Buy clothes, and save up money
Buy tons of sex toys, and a $400 cologne
Goes to Science... or donation

Question 4:How well do you do on tests, quizzes, and homework?
A+, never lower, but always higher
Somewhere between an A and a C
F, always lower, but never higher

Question 5:What career most interests you?
Scientist... I love SCIENCE!
Living in basement, drinking beer
I can't decide... maybe a comedian

Question 6:What, in a relationship is the most important?
Looks, and XXX!

Question 7:In your room, you have posters of who?
Janet Jackson/Colin Farrel
Um, pictures of XXX!
Albert Einstein, and Calculus

Question 8:How long do you watch T.V a day?
A couple of hours
Um, none... studying is funner!
17/7... 17 hours, 7 days a week!

Question 9:What types of movies do you watch?
Shakespeare's play
Anything rated XXX!
Horror, and Comedy

Question 10:What is your definition of a nerd?
Someone I pick on, and human bait!
Humans who have no life
A smart, and intelligent group of people who work really hard!

This Quiz has been designed by Roman Satichtchev.