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This is a quick test to see just how IMMATURE you are. Take it and enjoy.

Question 1:If your crush comes up to you and tell you they like you, You:
start running a laughing
tell them you like them too
blush and smile

Question 2:If your crush calls you, You:
talk calmly
hang up cause you can't believe it
laugh while ya'll are talking and they nothing funny

Question 3:If your boyfriend/girlfriend breaks up with you to go with someone else, You:
is hurt but is happy for them
start a rumor
stalk them

Question 4:If you and your friend get in a fight, You:
call and play on their phone
try to talk and work things out
ignore them to they start back talking to you

Question 5:If one of your friends come up to you and tell you that your other friend was talking about you behind your back, You:
don't talk to the friend who you think is talking about you
go ask the friend nicely about it
go in the person face ready to fight

Question 6:If something don't go your way, You:
is mad for a while but let it go
fuss all day about it
let it go cause you know everything don't go as planed

Question 7:Do little kids look up to you?

Question 8:do you still pick up nose
just to clean it out

Question 9:Out of your group of friends who they come to for advice
other friends
sometimes you
always me

Question 10:Most of your friends are?
around my age
older than me
younger than me

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