Are you a pesimist or optimist?
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Are you a pesimist or optimist?

This quiz, based on your answers will tell you if you think that life is a bowl of cherries, or just the pits

Question 1:Do you believe that from the moment that we were born, we begin to die?
Yes, we are all dying
Some what true
No, we are living

Question 2:Picture a cup. It has liquid in it,to the middle. Now, Is this cup half-full or half-empty?
The cup is Half-Empty
The cup is Half-full

Question 3:Are you sadistic? (Do you like to hurt yourself or others, mentally or physically)
Yes, I like to hurt myself
Sometimes I like to hurt myself
Heck no!

Question 4:When you see a house buring, do you think that people are getting hurt and losing everything that they loved, or that they are going to get lots of insurance money? (given they were insured for such a fire)
They are Losing everything
They are Getting a new car

Question 5:When you see a female/male which is physically/metally more attractive than you, do you want to harm them, or are you happy for them?
I want to harm them
I am happy for them

Question 6:You see a homeless person on the street, and they ask you for money. You give them money. Do you think that they are going to buy another beer, or a meal?
They're going to get wasted
It could go either way
They will buy a decent meal, and be full for a little while

Question 7:You are in love with this extremely good looking guy/girl (better looking than you) . Do you think that you are good enough for them to possibly date you?
No, why would i have a chance to date someone whose good looking?
Possibly, if lucks on my side
Yes, who wouldn't date me ?

Question 8:You just got a new job that you have wanted for a long time. The second day on the job, the boss calls you into his office. What is he going to say ?
Your fired.
He thinks im attractive and is wants to talk to me privately.
He thinks ive done great work and is going to applaud me

Question 9:You have a lump on you, and the doctor says it could possibly be cancer. He calls the next week to tell you :
It is cancer for sure, and you have 6 weeks to live.
You have cancer, but can be cured.
You don't have cancer at all.

Question 10:Do you think that you a pesimist or an optimist?
I am a pesimist, as always
Im not a pesimist or a optimist, im a happy medium.
Im an optimist ofcourse!

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