Whats your Earnshaw Style?
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Whats your Earnshaw Style?

Earnshaw – more than just a Hall of Residence, it’s a way of life. But where do you fit in and what role should you really be playing? Are you a party animal, a responsible JCR member, a hardworking model student or could you cut it as the leader himself, the Warden? Take this test now and find out what’s your Earnshaw Style!

Question 1:You are caught by the porter removing a bed from a mate’s room. Do you...
Deny all involvement. Even though you're still holding it
Apologise profusely and start sobbing at his feet
Ask him if he knows 'who your father is?'
There must be some mistake. I would never do anything like this.

Question 2:What faculty do you belong to?
I am a dedicated pure science student
I am a hard working engineer
I am a bone-idle arts student
I am a medic. I am always drunk
I am a social scientist. And about as scientific as a kebab

Question 3:The current status of your hall card is...
Unblemished and always available for inspection
In my room...somewhere
The dog ate it
I am too embarrassed to show the photo. I look about 13

Question 4:I like my hall Tutor to the extent where I'd...
Say hello to them in passing
Buy them a birthday card
Crawl out onto the roof below their window to have a chat with them
Start a new religion devoted to them
I have a tutor?

Question 5:Your preferred drink is...
Lager. And lots of it.
Vodka Red Bull. Although I'm hyperactive enough already
Anything that comes in a bottle, is fruit flavoured and has a poncey name
Anything I can get my hands on. Hell, I'll drink meths.
Mineral Water

Question 6:You have been invited to a wine reception at another hall. Do you...
Network - you never know who might be useful to you
Try and pull someone. At least if you crash and burn you don't have to live with them
Get so drunk you are forcibly evicted by 2 porters and the duty tutor
Steal a tray of wine and bring it back to Earnshaw to share with your friends

Question 7:Your average weekly exercise is...
Almost non-stop. I am on 3 sports teams and go running 3 times a week
Every morning I stretch...over to where my fags are
I walk up Endcliffe sodding Crescent every morning. What more do you want?
I get my exercise horizontally - if you know what I mean

Question 8:It is 3am. You arrive back in Earnshaw and the foyer is empty. Do you...
Make off with one of the sofas. You know it would love to go for a swim in the pond.
Go straight to bed. You can't understand what possessed you stay up so late
Fall asleep on the sofas and wake up to find someone has drawn a moustache and glasses on you
Order a takeaway

Question 9:What is your weekly alcohol intake...
1-10 units
11-20 units
21-30 units
My blood is 98% proof
I only drink a small sherry at Christmas

Question 10:Your favourite hall food...
Curry Bar. Like me, its hot and spicy
Weekend Brunch. Helps the hangover
Salads - I'm watching my weight
Chicken Kiev. I like my meat mechanically recovered

Question 11:The most unusual place you have slept this year is...
I don't know. I didn't dare ask their name
On the corridor. I forgot my key.
In my own bed. But without 'teddy' it felt really strange
In a hedge. Somewhere in Sheffield
In a police cell

Question 12:Your signature karaoke tune is...
Like a Virgin. I don't believe in being subtle
We are the Champions. Out of tune, out of time and with eight of my mates
I will Survive. I am a walking Cliche
Down Under. I am an Aussie and proud of it
I only sing in choirs

Question 13:At a disco you are...
A Dancing queen, young and sweet only 17...
Well up for it
Being sick in the toilets. Again
I don't go to discos. They're far too loud

Question 14:The worst thing you've done this year is...
Annoyed everyone on your corridor by banging on their doors at 3am then spilling your kebab over their carpets
Not taken enough detailed notes at your 9am lecture
Too revolting to mention. But it involves a blow-up sheep and some washing powder

Question 15:Whose job would you most like to have...
The porter's. A bit of hard work never killed anyone
Catering. I am the next Jamie Oliver/Nigella
Tutor. I want to play with the radio 'Roger, Roger'
The Warden. Next stop world domination

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