Name That Movement~ Self- Actualization Quiz
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Name That Movement~ Self- Actualization Quiz

Welcome to this self-actualization quiz, where you can find out what philosophies you posess. Find out if you are a Realist, Transcendentalist, Anti-Transcendentalist, Romantisist, or a Naturalist.

Question 1:In the book The Great Gatsby Tom is confronted by George Wilson to find out who was the owner of the car that hit his wife, Myrtle. Tom rats out Gatsby and in turn he is killed. Certain decisions can have huge impacts on your life. If you where faced with the decision to tell on someone who wronged you in a way that changed your life forever, knowing that it could cause a dramatic horrible change on theirs as well, what would you do?
Do whatever you feel is right, your sure no one will get hurt.
You watch the behavior of the other person and decide not to go down to that level
Talk to the person directly, understand their uncontrollable natural tendency
Do whatever you want, your sure someone will get hurt, as long as its not you.
You believe that they are now good and you don’t tell on them

Question 2:In the book The Scarlet Letter, Hester Pryne is convicted of adultery after her husband leaves for a long time. She has an extra marital affair thinking her husband has died. She then isolates herself from society out of shame. If you were convicted of a shameful crime, and everyone in your town knew about it, what would you do?
Accept it as an inescapable natural tendency
Stay away from society, there just going to torture you and ridicule you
You believe in the goodness of humanity and you decide that people will forgive you
You would build your character back up, it’s the most important thing
Do whatever you felt most comfortable

Question 3:In the book Red Badge of Courage Henry decides to go to war. He wants to be a hero but he is very nervous about the chance of him getting scared and running away during the real battles. During many times in your life you might have to take a path that you don't necessarily want to take. If you where forced to go to war due to a new terrorist attack that caused a huge draft of men and woman, what would you do?
Do what you want, and make sure your happy with it
Don’t go to war if you don’t want to, you’ll end up getting killed
Having a nationalistic pride and feeling emotion over intellect for the people who died you choose to fight
Choose whatever path that comes naturally
You weigh the choices and decide that you want to do the ethical thing and fight for you country

Question 4:In the book Of Mice and Men George and Lennie decide to make new lives for themselves after being fired from their old job, they have high hopes of eventually owning a farm. They go find a new workplace so that they can make enough money to follow their dream. If you where in the position that you were kicked out of your house and could go anywhere would you follow an illogical dream that would ensure your immediate happiness like Georgy and Lennie did, or what would you do?
Go to a place that you feel you can grow to your full potential
Follow your dream, it will make you happy
Realize the type of situation your in and find an ethical job to support yourself, where you are in a socially acceptable place
Follow your dream, as long as life is this bad, at least your last days will be good
You believing in the beauty of nature return to the wilderness to live off the earth in happiness

Question 5:In the Red Badge of Courage, Henry flees from his first stint in battle. If you had never been in a serious fight before, and you fled once it began, what would you consider to be the force behind it?
Instinctual. All humans function on a where various previous influences decide what action we will take in a future decision, therefore your knee-jerk reaction would be an effect of your biological self, and not from any supernatural or other source.
You would feel good, because it was your intuition and you did what you felt was right at the time.
You would know it was a decision you made after thinking it through, you would be content with your action.
Feeling very emotional about the situation, you feel that if you did not choose to fight, than apparently your underlying emotions are telling you are not ready to fight, or that fighting is not for you.
You would be happy with your decision, at least you did what you wanted

Question 6:In the story Of Mice and Men, Lenny commits a crime; however, because of his low-intellect, he did so not knowing it was wrong. If your closest friend committed a misdemeanor crime or had done something wrong that hurt someone else, however they did not commit the act with the intent to cause damage or break the law, what would you do?
Do whatever you felt was right at the time.
Believe in the goodness of humanity and have trust in your friend that s/he did not mean to commit the crime. Follow your true feelings.
do what you felt, someone will end up getting hurt anyway
You would think about all the options and you would do what your believe is right, keeping in mind what society believes is right and wrong.
Help save him. Because of our natural instincts and tendencies to act in certain ways, we cannot be held in full responsibility for an action; however, we are still required to act in a manner which is legally accepted. But, in this person’s case, they had no intent to harm or do anything consciously to damage someone or something, therefore, they should not be responsible.

Question 7:In the Scarlet Letter, Hester Prynne’s husband is presumed lost at sea; however, she learns he is alive only after she has borne a child with another man. If you had left for college, and your significant other had other intimate relationships under the presumption that you would not return, when you returned suddenly and found this out, what would you do?
You understand the goodness of human nature and forgive the person.
Understand s/he’s feelings and emotions, and natural tendencies and inescapable desires to be with another person intimately.
Be with whoever you truly love and everything will be alright.
Look at the situation objectively, and decide what could cause the best outcome, and go from there.
be with whoever you want, it will all end up in disaster, enjoy it while it last

Question 8:In the Great Gatsby, Gatsby makes the ultimate sacrifice of losing his life for something that he had not done, however indirectly saving the one he loved. If someone you loved dearly was in great trouble from an act they committed that caused harm to another person, what would you be willing to sacrifice of your own well-being to save the one you loved?
Sacrifice what you felt was needed, and follow your intuitions.
sacrifice what you felt was necessary and only that
Look at the situation, weigh each outcome, and decide what decision would be most beneficial for you’re and the person.
Nothing, leave them to reap the consequences of their own actions. Even though the person has a natural tendency to function in a certain way, it does not give them the right to act in an unethical manner.
Follow your emotions and protect the one that you love in order to save him/her.

Question 9:In the book The Great Gatsby Daisy one of the main characters is torn between her old love that left her life, and then reappeared, and her present husband who is cheating on her. She is put in a dilemma in which she is forced to choose between Tom her husband and Gatsby her old love. If you were going out with a guy/girl who was a senior and then went away to college, and then you started to date another guy in your grade because you felt that the person in college was not returning. Which then turned out to be untrue because he returned what would you do?
Do the noble thing, talk about the situation, look at it formal points of view, and then determine what is moral.
Be with the person you feel most strongly for, you know that as long as you do what you feel the outcome will end good
Do what you feel, this triangle has to end, and you will probably end up alone anyway
Believe in the goodness of humanity and trust that the two people will understand on whatever decision you make.
Choose whichever naturally feels right for you to be with. Think of which one you would be most happy with, and go with your instinct.

Question 10:In the book The Scarlet Letter Hester comes to the new world without her husband and while she is there she gets caught in a dilemma. Hester is torn between being loyal to her husband although he is presumed to be dead and a young man who lives in the same community as her who she likes. If you had a partner who went to college and you were not sure when he was coming back and you met someone who you liked what would you do?
Do what you want; he's probably cheating on you at college anyway.
Follow your feelings over your thoughts and go for the guy that you like at the time.
Forget reasoning, go to the guy you feel strongest about, and worry about it later.
Think about the pros and cons, and decide to do what is most practical
Understand your natural tendency to be with another person intimately, and do what you need to fulfill your own needs and desires.

Question 11:In the book Of Mice and Men George the mentally challenged person is trying to touch Curly's wife, and when she starts to run away a scream he accidentally strangles her to death. George then runs away to the spot where Lenny told him to meet if anything went wrong, when Lenny show's up he has a gun, but he is in a dilemma about what to do. If you had a friend who always got into trouble and one time he got caught stealing something, and then ran away to seek your advice what would you?
Believe that the person learned his lesson and see the goodness in humanity, and don’t turn him in.
Decide not to condemn, nor go along with his behavior, you know it was wrong, and you won't go along with it or get him in trouble.
He will probably continue, so just do what you want, it will end up bad anyway.
Advise the person to take responsibility for their actions. Even though they have a natural tendency to do something, that does not let them escape ethical dilemmas or the consequences thereof.
Do what you want, if you reason it out it won't get you anywhere

Question 12: In the book The Red Badge of Courage Henry was a soldier who was excited to fight. When it came time for the battle he was nervous at about how he would react to the fighting. Once the fighting began he ran away in fear of meeting his possible demise. If you had a bunch of friends, who were planning on fighting some other kids what would you do?
Do whatever it takes to satisfy your own intuitions as well as your friends.
Think about the consequences; decide you will not get involved because it is not right.
Just do whatever happens, go with everyone else
Go with your emotions; knowing that it is wrong do not get involved with trouble.
Do what you want, you will probably lose anyway

Question 13:In the Red Badge Of Courage the main character Henry is caught in a dilemma, after one of his friends, Jim gets hurt, he I forced to make a tough discussion: stay with Jim, or leave him. Now, if you had a friend who needed a ride home, but in order for you to pick he/she up and take them home, you would miss your curfew. What would you do?
Calculate the amount of time it would take to pick your friend up, drop his/ her off and then for you to get home-, and then make a responsible decision.
Do whatever you feel at the moment, as long as you are happy with your actions.
Do what you feel is well, knowing that your actions probably won’t make you happy anyway.
Believe in the goodness of human nature and know that your parents will understand why you are late and go got your friend.
Go with whomever you lover must. Accept natural flow.

Question 14:In the novel the Scarlet Letter the main character, Hester Pryne is asked to reveal a secret, the father of her child, but she decides she would rather suffer, and then tell the secret. If you discovered that a close friend was having an affair on their significant other what would you do?
Look at the situation objectively, and then decide to be a mediator.
Understand their natural tendencies and instant, and attempt to achieve a logical resolution making both parties happy.
Tell the significant other they will end up breaking up no matter what; why not make the progress faster.
You believe that he/ she will discover that it is wrong and see the goodness in them and in time tell their significant other.
do what you thought was good, and it will all be ok

Question 15:In Of Mice And Men, Lenny, a mentally disabled man is accused of rape. As a result, he and George, his caretakers are run out of town. If an un-friendly competitor sabotaged you, what would you do?
Do what’s natural how ever ethical it may be.
Don’t think of the consequences, and just tell what happened, if you tell the truth everything will end up good.
Don’t worry about it- just do what you want and the outcome will reveal itself.
Realize all possible outcomes, and scenarios, tell the truth, but maintain your dignity.
do what feel, and he'll get what he deserves

Question 16:In The Great Gatsby, Gatsby the protagonist saves Daisy; the love of his life, when he claims he killed Myrtle, the women Daisy’s husband is having an affair with. If your friend stole something, and got caught, would you take the blame, because you know that his or her parents would be more upset then yours?
You should know that goodness will prevail and eventually your friend will turn herself in, and take the blame.
Do what you feel is right and worry about the actions later.
Someone is going to get in trouble anyway, so do what you want
No, make person accept responsibility for actions
Let her explain the situation, have sympathy for her, and support her- but not get involved.

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