What to do - What to be - Existentially
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What to do - What to be - Existentially

Ever wonder what kind of existential choices you made in you life? Did you ever wonder if maybe you acted in authenticity or maybe in bad faith? With this simple quiz, all you have to do is read the question and answer it according to what you would do in each dilemma. It's that simple! Now, go on and take the quiz to learn more about yourself! Have Fun and Good Luck!

Question 1:In The Great Gatsby, Daisy, who driving back to Long Island in Gatsby’s yellow Rolls Royce, fatally hits Myrtle Wilson, her husband’s mistress, pauses, then speeds away. Nick, Tom, and Jordan, not too far behind, discover a frightening scene on the border of the valley of ashes. By the description of the car, they assume that it was the car that Daisy and Jay were in. Now, suppose your girlfriend/boyfriend is involved in a hit and run with your brand new expensive car while you’re in the passenger seat. Do you…..
Turn them into the police. Even though you love them they did kill someone.
Sell the car and try to destroy all evidence. No evidence = no conviction.
Let your boyfriend/girlfriend handle the problem. After all they were the one driving, so it’s not your fault.
Take the blame for their wrongdoing
Blame someone else and deny that any of you where ever there.

Question 2:Toward the middle of The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the reader learns that Daisy and Jay had a fling five years earlier, before Gatsby went into war. They finally meet again through Daisy’s cousin Nick, and somewhat rekindle their love. Now, suppose that you find out that your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend from awhile back still has feelings for you and you have those feelings in return. There is only one problem, he/she is involved in another relationship and loves that other partner just as much. Do you….
Change your whole life around by spending less time with your friends and family so you can become closer to you love.
Leave it alone – she will come to you it it’s meant to happen.
Forget him/her – its not worth causing problems left and right.
Pursue them anyway; the satisfaction of loving them is worth a try
Do anything in your power to get them to love your more than the other person.

Question 3:In the novel The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby has been after Nick Carraway’s second cousin, Daisy Buchanan for a long time. Daisy, to Gatsby, was the “unattainable” girl that he always wanted, but as Nick put it, “There must have been moments even that afternoon when Daisy tumbled short of his dreams not through her own fault but because of the colossal vitality of his own illusion. It had gone beyond her, beyond everything.” Now, suppose for a long time your deepest desire dream is to buy a large house near the ocean. You’ve finally saved enough money for that dream house, but if you buy it you will be extremely far away from the people that you care about you (friends and family). Do you….
The house is big. You can always move some of your “loved ones” in it.
Don’t buy the house. Dreams, after all, are never what they seem and never as great once you have fulfilled them. You would rather have the dream than live in it.
Buy the house anyway. You have wanted this house for so long, you can’t let your chance slip away now.
Don’t worry about it, just buy the house and do as you wish. Your friends and family can visit you if they would like to.
It’s about time you separated from your “protectors.” They were always smothering you and you CAN’T wait to get away from them.

Question 4:In the Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Hester Prynne, a married woman, committed adultery and had an affair with Arthur Dimmesdale, a young and unmarried pastor. She truly loved him and refused to reveal his name to the public as the other adulterer. Now, suppose that you cheat on your boyfriend/girlfriend, even though you love them and acknowledge the fact that you made a mistake. Do you….
Keep quiet – if he/she was meant to find out, then they will.
Tell him/her will full details everything that has happened. Don’t keep anything from your boyfriend/girlfriend.
Tell him/her that you cheated, but keep it minimal. He/she doesn’t need all the details.
Stop everything you have been doing with the other “lover” and try to correct your wrongs.
Continue to see both of them – you have been known for being an incredibly careful person.

Question 5:Hester Prynne, from the Scarlet Letter, was a woman who was deprived of love for two years due to the fact that her husband (now known as Roger Chillingworth) was missing. She was left to wander and search for love to make up for that which she did not have. In the process of searching she came across Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale, and ending up “stealing” his heart and eventually committing adultery. Now, suppose you steal money from an extremely wealthy person. Compared to their entire fortune, the money pilfered was a very small amount and you really needed it in order to buy your starving self some food. Do you…
Give yourself in. The confession will make you feel better because you know what you did was wrong.
You anonymously give the money back, this way the wealthy man/woman will never know you took it, but they will look at it as a nice gesture.
Get rid of the evidence – spend it on the things you need and don’t keep any of it. If you have none left, they can’t accuse you, right?
You severely needed the money, despite the fact that you know it was wrong of you to take it from the man/woman. You are content with your decision to take the money and buy the food.
Buy the food and keep the rest of the money. You don’t feel it was a bad thing to do because he/she is set for life, anyway they will probably never even notice that the money was missing in the first place.

Question 6:After Hester Prynne has committed adultery and bore a child out of wedlock, in the novel The Scarlet Letter, she becomes socially unaccepted and very unpopular within the community. Forced to wear a large scarlet letter “A” on her chest, marking her crime, Hester became isolated the town, and society itself, constantly being shunned, even by newcomers. Now, suppose that you have been talking behind a popular girl’s back and was overheard by another popular person, who in turn, told on you. At that moment, you are not socially accepted in your school. You want to be popular again and get rid of your pain. What would you do to achieve your goal? You only have once chance to do what you need too – choose carefully…
You go through an outstanding change by getting a total makeover in both looks and personality. You have to be popular again.
Just be yourself – it doesn’t matter what they think of you anymore – if they can’t except you for who you are, then its not worth it. You like yourself the way you were.
Do what you need to do to gain the popularity that you desire so much.
You go and do something nice of someone in a higher status to gain the respect that you once had. You try to show the real you through gestures.
Join an activity to meet others and become friends.

Question 7:In the novel Of Mice and Men, Lenny-who has a mental disability, kills Curley’s wife and is wanted for murder. George knows the authorities are after his long time best friend and ran to find Lenny. When George found him, he knew Lenny didn’t quite understand what he did wrong. At the end of the story, George killed his friend to protect him from the pain of what was coming for him. You’re best friend committed a crime that deserves life in jail. You know he/she is innocent but he/she was already convicted and there is absolutely no turning back. The authorities are now after you for helping him/her try to escape from jail because you care about them beyond belief. You don’t know what your penalty would be but you could:
Kill yourself to take you out of the future anguish you will face.
Stay with your friend till the end and possibly serve life in jail along with him/her.
Turn him in pretending you had nothing to do with it.
Keep running- you’re confident that they won’t catch you- he/she is innocent anyway.
Kill him/her –take him/her out of their misery- Life in jail is worse.

Question 8:In the novel Of Mice and Men, Lenny would sneak off to visit Crooks, a black social outcast in society even though to everyone else thought he was morally wrong. How often would you give your precious time to spend time with someone who is socially unpopular or who is a social outcast?
Don’t go because it might give you a bad name or reputation.
Only visit against your will just to say that you did.
Don’t spend anytime- they won’t hold you accountable if you never start.. it’s your precious time- you could do something better with it.
Go visit with a gift out of kindness of your heart- this act makes you feel good.
Often- you want to show how compassionate you are to impress others

Question 9:In the novel Of Mice and Men, George could have picked anyone else to be his best friend, but he promised to take care of and spend his time with Lenny. He knew the consequences of being responsible for a mentally disabled person, but overlooked Lenny’s flaws and saw the true man he was inside- caring, sweet and gentle. You volunteer to become a mentor to a boy/girl in your class. You find out that they are mentally challenged and are disappointed because you know that your job will become more difficult then you expected. You’re time may be spent on testing your patience rather then hanging out with your friends. You could:
Work with a smile- who knows, even though you’re not having the best time,
Choose to put on a smile so others will think you a hero
You already made your decision to volunteer –you can’t change yourself
Get another person to do it. No matter how rewarding is can be, you’re
Don’t do it at all.

Question 10:In The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane, Henry Fleming is both very patriotic and family oriented. He dreams of the glory and valor of battle since childhood, he loves the honor and pride of it all that goes with it. Also, Henry is very close to his mother and feels as if he can talk to her about anything. These same qualities are inside you as well. Since childhood, you always dreamed of going into the service. Unfortunately, your beloved grandfather whom you are very close to is deathly ill. The doctors say he has only 6 months to live. However, your dream has come true. The service has called you in, but the predicament is that you must leave in two days or no deal. What do you do?
Grandpa lived his whole life-it’s time for me to live mine.
There’s no way I’m going…grandpa and my family need me at this trying time in all of our lives. The service will always be there, but grandpa won’t.
Of course I’ll go…this is my dream and I thought I’d NEVER get called in…barracks here I come!
I think I’ll discuss my issue with the service see what I can work out with them...maybe they’ll make an exception?
I plan to talk to my family about it and see what they say and how they feel about it.

Question 11:In the Red Badge of Courage, Henry is fighting in a Civil War battle in the 304th regiment. He comes upon his friend, Jim Conklin, who is shot twice and badly wounded. Henry and another soldier are the only ones around. Henry overcomes his anxiety and fear and helps him to safety, but unfortunately he dies. You too, are with a friend in a somewhat deserted area, all by yourselves. Your friend gets in trouble and can’t move. What do you do?
I’ll leave my friend there and continue my journey. The injury is too severe.
I’ll try to bring him/her with me to go get help
I’ll scream for help and hope someone hears me – I hope some one does but chances are they won’t and if by chance they do, it’ll probably be too late anyway.
My cell phone doesn’t work, it’s dead, so I run to the nearest town in civilization and get help and tell my friend I’ll be back as soon as possible
I’ll stay with my friend until someone comes but that could be hours or even days

Question 12:Throughout the novel the Red Badge of Courage, Henry faces a few challenging choices that have consequences and benefits to whatever alternative he might choose. Examples of these are when he must choose whether to go against his mother’s wishes or follow his dreams and when Jim is injured and Henry can either leave him in order get himself to safety, or help him like a good friend and partner. Henry chooses to stay with him, but he ends up dying, even though he chose the more honorable choice. Your best friend’s wedding is the same night as your spouse’s award ceremony for an accomplishment. They completely conflict with each other. You are in the wedding party so it is not possible for you to go late. Do you…
Talk to them both about it and see what they say
Go to the award ceremony
After considering extensively you decide not to go to either of them, it’s only fair
Go to the wedding
Go the mall instead-no one will be happy no matter what you do, who cares?

This Quiz has been designed by Katrina, Kelly, Liz.