Are You An Acceptor Or A Changer?
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Are You An Acceptor Or A Changer?

Take this test to find out if you just accept people and things for what they are, or try to change them.

Question 1:Your daughter wants to go to college to make pop music - a realistic ambition since she already has access to a studio and makes the music already. She used to be very bright, she still gets quite good grades at school. You:
Try to talk her out of it, and the talking turns to shouting - she can make more of herself. She doesn't go to the college just to please you
Totally accept it - it's her life, she can do what she likes with it. You buy her single as soon as it comes out
Grudgingly let her go to the college, after she persuades you, but you're still not happy with it
Say yes she can go, on the condition that it isn't all she does

Question 2:A member of your family is thinking about converting to another religion. You have known him/her all your life as being in your family's religion. You:
Are not really religious and are not at all bothered
Go totally mental at them saying they're a disgrace to your family and religion
Are a little edgy about letting them convert just like that, but it's their life
Try to persuade them otherwise - if they do decide to convert in the end you won't be at all happy

Question 3:A young teenage member of your family, as a child, used to be really into reading and the arts. Now, teen culture has sucked him/her in. You:
Think, it was inevitable, just let him/her get on with it. He/she'll fit in now and not be bullied...
Buy him/her lots of books and take him/her to lots of art galleries, and if they show lack of enthusiasm have a huge row with them
Have a quiet word with them just to be sure they're aware of their change. If they claim to be happy as they are now, well, let them.
Bribe them to read etc. with money and new games. If they refuse, have a huge row with them

Question 4:Your dad is perfectly normal...apart from his obsession with wearing very brightly coloured hippy clothes that make him look like he walked straight out of the 60s. You:
Constantly feel extremely embarrassed by this and constantly confront him about it
Force him out shopping for some new clothes that you alone feel would suit him more. Make strict boundaries on what he can and can't buy and be seen in
Think he's great for standing out so much among the crowd and not being embarrassed about it
Feel slightly dodgy about being seen with him like that, but think no more of it because that's just his personality - he was young once

Question 5:You are in a reasonable job - you earn around £25,000 a year and quite enjoy that and your lifestyle. You:
Think 'quite enjoy' is not enough - you have to be completely and absolutely in heaven before you can start to think about enjoying yourself. So you quit your job and look for an even better one - however long it takes
Stick with it. Life may not be perfect, but at least it's a decent living
Think it'll be hard to find much better than this, by all means stick with it. Maybe someday something even better will come along - but your current lifestyle is by far good enough for you
Keep wishing you could change your lifestyle, but don't want to risk losing your job if you'll get rejected from a better one

Question 6:Your old friend has died suddenly, but not before they had the chance to make a will. You are included in the will, but they only give you a very small amount of money in comparison to their poor family. You:
Think that's really mean of them - you've known them for years - so try to wheedle more money out of the solicitors
Think good for them for putting their needy family first
Secretly scowl at them, you were virtually part of the family too, but what can you do now they're dead
Think they're good for putting their family first - but can't help wondering why they didn't help yours much too because your family wasn't much better off than theirs

Question 7:You have just got a new computer. It does everything you need it to - plays your games, connects to the Internet etc. - but it's just not as fast as it could be. It's very good for second hand but it's processor isn't quite as fast as some on the market. You:
Arrange to have the processor replaced with a good-quality top-notch one - it'll cost but who cares
Think that's fine, it does the jobs you need, and it's fast enough already - a little extra speed won't make much difference
Take it back and get a new one this instant - nothing less than top-notch will do for you
Grudgingly keep it, it's not worth the bother of replacing and upgrading, it's ok as it is, you'll get a new one when you really need it

Question 8:You've just started seeing a new guy/gal. He/she's good-looking, wealthy...and very very shy and nervous. You on the other hand are the life and soul of the party. You:
Dump him/her. If he/she won't live up to your expectations and standards, the only place for him/her is the dumpster
Frequently pick fights with him/her about him/herself and their lifestyle/behaviour. You try to drag them into the middle of the dancefloor, the karaoke etc. and if they don't like it, bye-bye them
Think all that matters is that you like him/her and he/she likes you for who you are. If anyone else has a problem with that they're on their own
You try once or twice to get your lover to boogie on down with you on the dancefloor, but after a few unsuccessful attempts figure he just isn't as full of life as you

Question 9:Your granny is very old and ill. She has reached the stage where she can no longer feed herself or go to bed unaided, and some members of your family feel she should go into a home. On the other hand, the only place she wants to be is her home - she does not want to live anywhere else. At the moment she has carers and nurses in and out 24/7, which the family must pay for. You:
Accept her wishes, even though she is old and ill, mentally and physically, she is a person too and her wishes must be respected. She won't have much time left, may as well make the most of her at home
Think it in the best interests of her health that she goes to a home. If she refuses, it's just her being silly - she'll be better off there than she ever was at home and she can't do anything about it anyway
Try and discourage her from the idea of staying at home. She will put up a fight but if she gets any worse, she will have to go
Think about it - after a while, you decide it would be in her best interests mentally to stay at home alone - she gets all the care she needs from the carers and nurses, nothing at a home she couldn't get now

Question 10:Your motto is:
Wherever you go, I will be there
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again
Live and let live
Survival of the Fittest

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