Are You A Perfectionist?
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Are You A Perfectionist?

Question 1:You are paired up with someone to work on a project. Your partner isn't exactly the neatest person around. How do you react?
Who cares? I'm not that neat either.
I take charge and do the assignment by myself. There is no way I can get an 'A' by handing this in.
I wish he/she was neater, but I can't help it if they aren't.

Question 2:What grades do you usually shoot for at school?
Anything that is a passing grade.
Anywhere from all A's to all A+'s
Anywhere from A's and B's to Straight A's

Question 3:How long does it take you to get ready for a big party?
An hour or longer.
Five minutes
A half-an-hour

Question 4:You get a 'D' on a history test. How do you react?
Oh well. I'll do better next time.
*Sob, sob*
Oh great, my parents will kill me.

Question 5:Let's say you get a 1300 on your SATs. How do you react?
NOOOO! If only I got 300 points higher!
It's okay, but I could do better.

Question 6:There is a person in your class that smokes. What do you think of them?
Smoking is a really bad habit and I would never hang out with anyone who does that, but I should still respect them.
EWWW! Anyone who does that stuff is stupid, mean, and nasty!
Who cares if they smoke? I would be their friend regardless of that.

Question 7:Your room is...
Freakishly organized
A big mess
Fairly neat

Question 8:Your diet consists of...
ALL JUNK FOOD! Pizza, potato chips, hot name it and it's mine!
All healthy foods...I hardly ever eat junk food.
Mostly healthy is okay to have some junk food here and there though.

Question 9:You go to school wearing...
Ripped jeans and a faded t-shirt
An outfit that could be suitable for private school.
Anything that's comfortable or in.

Question 10:You listen to...
Anything that's loud and screamy
Pop, rock, R+B...that kind of stuff
Classical music

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