Are You Cocky?
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Are You Cocky?

Question 1:You just got back that hard chemistry test that you took last week. You are surprised to see that you got 100. How do you react?
"Cool, I never expected this."
"Hell yeah! I'm a genius!"
"This must be someone else's test because I never do this well."

Question 2:You and your friend are tried out for the lead role in the school play. They gave it to her instead of you. How do you feel (tell us the truth)?
Great. After all, she is my friend. I'm happy for her. should have been me! I was better!
I really wanted the part, but I don't mind playing a secondary role.

Question 3:You are playing basketball in gym class. What role do you play?
I pass the ball to other people.
I'm the one who dribbles down the court and slam dunks the ball.
I'm the person that no one passes the ball to.

Question 4:You just received a big fat 57 on a math test. When other people ask you what your grade is, you tell them...
"57. I should have done better."
"57. I'm such a loser."
"100!" There's nothing wrong with 'boosting' my grade up a few points.

Question 5:Someone makes a mistake in gym class while playing volleyball. They accidentally hit the ball at the net when it is their turn to serve. What do you say to them?
"What the hell do you think you are doing?"
"Great try, but next time try to aim higher so that it goes over the net."
"Good try!"

Question 6:You see someone who is not exactly the most good-looking person around. Your friends are at lunch with me, making fun of this person. What do you say?
I don't say anything.
"Hahaha, you should shove their face in dough to make gorilla cookies!"
"Guys, cut it out. That's mean."

Question 7:Your math teacher gives you a horrible grade. Who's fault is it?
Mine, because I didn't work hard enough
Mine...but how can I be interested in math when I have no clue what's going on?
The math teacher...he doesn't know how to grade properly

Question 8:When it comes to taking tests, you are...
The slowest in the class
I take it at my own speed.
The fastest in the class

Question 9:Why do you dress the way you do?
Because I feel comfortable dressing this way.
Because I like the clothing structure.
Because people will make fun of me if I don't.

Question 10:You are at the local ice skating rink. You are with a friend who doesn't have much ice skating experience. What do you do?
I skate with her around the rink (the basic routine).
I teach her/him how to do simple moves.
I show off my triple loops and axels.

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