Do You Do Things to Please Others?
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Do You Do Things to Please Others?

Question 1:Why do you join school activities?
I like being able to share my interests with others
So that I can get into college
Because my friends are in them

Question 2:Why do you think it is important to go to college?
Because I'll feel stupid if I don't.
Parties, people, and beer
I can meet new people and learn a lot from them.

Question 3:Your friends want to get tattoos after school one day (the permanent kind). Do you go with them?
Of course! If I'm wimp out, they will think I'm a total loser.
No. People will think I'm a punk if I get a tattoo.
Only if I'm in the mood. Otherwise, I wouldn't.

Question 4:One day you discover that you have to get glasses. How do you react?
Yay! These are bound to make me look smarter.
Can I please have contact lenses instead?
Oh well. Who cares?

Question 5:Would you go to school if it wasn't mandatory?
Of course! Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to feel good every time I made good grades!
It depends on who is going.
Yes. Everyone has to learn.

Question 6:You are at the biggest party of the year (and you are already 21). Beer is being served. Do you drink it?
No, I don't drink.
No...I don't want anyone to get a bad opinion of me.
Bring on the beer!

Question 7:You are going to a club with a group of your friends. Some of your friends are dressing a bit revealingly. Do you dress the same way?
No. I wouldn't feel comfortable dressing this way.
No. I don't want people to think I sleep around.
Yeah, I wouldn't feel comfortable being the only one who is fully clothed.

Question 8:Why should people go to their high school prom?
Because all their friends will be there.
They shouldn't. Proms are stupid.
To experience it.

Question 9:Describe yourself in English class.
I raise my hand consistently.
I listen attentively.
I do stupid pranks just to act up in class.

Question 10:Which of the following is your philosophy about life?
Party, then party some more!
Work, then have fun!
Work, then do more work!

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