How Much of a Redneck are You?
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How Much of a Redneck are You?

Have you ever wondered if you had any Southern Blood in you? Take this test and find out just how much Rebel Pride you have.

Question 1:Have you ever found yourself humming the tune of "Sweet Home Alabama"?
Yeah, I am singing it right now
If it comes on the radio
Sweet Home Where??

Question 2:Can you name any of the Southern Generals in the Civil War?
When did that war happen again?
Just the few that we learned in history
Lee, Jackson, ...

Question 3:Do you know any line dances?
Does the Macarena count?
I can do the Chicken Dance
I can Rodeo and Boot Scoot and Boogie

Question 4:How many cowboy hats do you own?
I can't count that high
One or two

Question 5:Have you ever been arrested for fighting over your dog?
I am allergic to dogs
I am on a first name basis with the local sheriff.
Never arrested but I have fought about my dog.

Question 6:Have you ever seen a mullet?
What is a mullet?
My daddy has one
Is that what this haircut I have is called?

Question 7:Have you ever been to a country bar?
Every night of the week
Once in a while
I don't think they even have any around anymore

Question 8:Do you know all of the parts of a gun?
I can name a few of them
I have never even seen a real gun before.
I can name them for any gun ever made.

Question 9:How many cars do you have sitting in your yard that are up on blocks?
A few
I don't own a car that isn't

Question 10:What kind of car do you drive?
Jacked up Chevy pick-up
Any foreign car (Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda, etc.)
I ride my bike everywhere

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