Faith Measure
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Faith Measure

This quiz is purely designed for entertainment purposes, although may reflect some of your personality in terms of the final answers. I encourage you to think about the questions and please answer them honestly, as even if it's just a fun test, you may find the results are reflections of your personality. There are ten questions, all information provided will be kept confidential. Only the final outcome will be recorded and used to show others how they compare to you.

Question 1:Do you believe in the supernatural? This can encompass one or more belief systems, the presence of ghosts or other paranormal or other world entities.
Not sure

Question 2:Would you consider yourself skeptical of paranormal events.
Depends on the incident and what evidence is brought forward with the claims

Question 3:If someone in your family said they'd seen a ghost, would you believe them?
I'd be more convinced if I could see it myself
Yes, without doubt
No, there is no such thing

Question 4:If you were shown a photo of a full bodied apparition caught on film, that had been examined by experts and declared authentic (it had not been touched or added to), would this photo be conclusive evidence of life outside our 3D universe?
No, the experts could be lying
Not sure, it would depend on the circumstances under which the photo was taken
Yes, absolutely

Question 5:Were you raised in a family where any kind of religion or belief system was enforced
Not really

Question 6:In your own life, are you currently a part of any religious or occult practises?
No, but I do hold a spiritual belief
No, it's a waste of time
Yes, I am active

Question 7:If you have had an encounter that you couldn't explain, would you determine it to be of supernatural (meaning out of the ordinary) origin?
Not sure, I may have some ideas about it though
No, there is no such thing as the supernatural

Question 8:Do you think your upbringing has had any influence on your current belief or non belief towards the supernatural.
No, I am independent of them
Yes, I follow the same belief that I was raised in
Maybe, but I don't hold the same ideas as them

Question 9:If you knew someone that had been to a doctor and found out they had a brain tumor and then went to a faith healer (could be a prayer counsellor, spiritualist etc) and then went back to the doctor, had an x-ray and the tumor had disappeared, would this be a miracle?
No, it could have gone away on its own or the initial diagnosis was way off
If they're health had returned to 100%, then it would certainly be a miracle
Yes, definitely

Question 10:Most belief systems stem around a central deity, a god or goddess or a combination. Do you believe we were created from a supreme being?
No, God doesn't exist
Yes, but I'm not sure which deity is the right one. I'm still searching for the truth

This Quiz has been designed by Lefora Vincent.