Within you
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Within you

Take this quiz to see which character you most like!

Question 1:How would you describe your personality?
I love to thrill and impress people! My dynamic nature is expressed by my gestures and words! I do however have fiery temper and dislikes being insulted for my emotions. I like entertaining my guests and buying them gifts. I'm powerful and intense person.
I am mainly reserved, quiet, and reflective, often keeping to myself. I feel that I am intelligent and foreseeing but lack social skills. I am somewhat mysterious but loyal and noble friend.
I’m light hearted and friendly, you can always count on me to cheer you up! I love to dance, and sing! I will put on a show for anyone. One thing I hate is being suffocated, if you try to control me I will become very angry because I love my freedom . I also like to entertain, making people laugh, and I will often do something just to get a giggle out of someone. I often like traveling to new places.
I seek pleasure in poetry, musical arts, intellectual pursuits, and beautiful parties (mask wearing kind.) I enjoy dramas & expensive dinning. I dislike disrespect, lack of intelligence, dullness, someone with no manners, rudeness, and bluntness. I hate when my clothes are rumpled or my hair in dismayed! I also hate if anyone insults my intelligence. I have a gentle, sharp, and caring demeanor most of the time. I usually am calm when dealing with obstacles.
I am a absolute sweetheart, I am shy and emotional but brave and just. I usually have strong feelings toward people, and have powerful intuitive. My feelings are hurt easily however.

Question 2:What color hair appeals to you most?
Raven black
Golden blond (like the sun)
Silver, whitish
Cherrie blossom pink
Scarlet red

Question 3:What are your strengths?
Optimistic, brilliantly sociable, cheerful, just, knowledgeable
Witty, Strong willed, passionate, highly adjustable in hard times, self-confident
Sympathetic, generous, loving, graceful, and understanding
Foresight, intelligent, loyal, dignified, courage
drawing, writing, geometry, wisdom, medicine, music, astronomy, and magic. both the seeker of mysteries and the inspiration of ideas and dreams

Question 4:What are your weaknesses?
Insensitive, impatient, and self-rigorous.
haughty anger, proud, Intolerance
Overly emotional and dreamy
too adventurous and leaves things to chance
defiant, Mysterious, vindictive nature, Can turn violent.

Question 5:How would you react if someone opposed you?
I would scare them to death with my words and powers
I would lecture and degrade them
I dislike aggression so I would try to calm them and reason with them
I would try to enlighten them, because I believe that good is in all people
Your poor simple fools, thinking you could oppose me!

Question 6:What do you hate?
Cruelty, violence, and callousness
Lack of intelligence, impetuousness, recklessness
Passiveness, dispassion, deception, failure, rebuke
Lack of expression, control, Depression, evil, injustice,
Invading privacy, insults, disloyalty, lies, loosing power

Question 7:What do you desire?
Peace, love, and balance
Power, revenge, justice, and rule
Searching for truth, traveling, helping people
equality, trust, and understanding
Respect, power, loyalty, friendship

Question 8:What's you favorite mythical animal or deity?
Black Dragon
Ra/ sun prince
Silver Dragon
Jackal headed god

Question 9:If you could change your name which meaning behind it would you pick?
Awakening of love
Fairy palace
Hidden one “sign, mark of fortune”
Dazzling one
a divine being

Question 10:What do you like doing?
I love to wrote poetry, paint, play an instrument, walk in gardens, and ride horses.
I love to talk and discuss philosophical questions. Controversies holds an interest over me for I like finding out the truth. I also like dancing, singing, and being on stage.
I like to spend time alone and reflect on my thoughts. I love dark places so I can hide staying out of view. I like secrets, and hidden meanings-
Poetry, musical arts, intellectual pursuits, and beautiful parties.
Being outside, entertainment, matching wits, spending time with friends or family

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