What's Your Role In A Fight?
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What's Your Role In A Fight?

When one of your friends (or you) does something nasty, and you get into one of those fights, what's your role in the fight? Take this quiz to find out...

Question 1:Who usually starts the fight?
Sometimes it's me, sometimes it's my friend.
Me, I am always doing something to make my friend hate me. I can't help it.
My friends!!! They are SO mean sometimes...:-(

Question 2:Who gets mad for the stupidest reason?
ME, I hurt my friends with my comments sometimes.
We both kinda flip once in a while.
My friend once got mad at me because I had a zit. So immature...

Question 3:Are you ever crying about a fight?
Once in a blue moon, I'm down though.
Yes!!!! People are cruel sometimes:-(
No, I can just apologize and we're friends.

Question 4:Worst case scenario...
My friend doesn't accept my apology.
We don't become friends again for a few weeks.
My friend starts liking/dating my bf the day I break up with him. It makes me really sad because I just took a step away from him and kind of took a break from having to see his mean face again, and she just brings him back into my life, and we do a lot of stuff together. *Cringe*

Question 5:How do you tell your Annie you're feelings during the fight?
A letter, it's kind of scary to talk to someone that's mad at you.
Yell them in her face and make her feel like she wants to cry.

Question 6:When was your first fight?
Preschool. Annie asked to use her crayons after I took them from her.
Third grade. Annie told Johnny I liked him, and I had told Bob that Annie liked him.
Fifth grade. My friend was being REALLY REALLY mean to me!!!!!

Question 7:Annie accidentally broke your lip gloss. What do you do?
Say: ANNIE!!! You need to buy me a new lip gloss!!!
Tell Annie that everything's okay and our friendship is more important than $80.00 lipgloss. (lol)
Tell her not to touch your stuff like that and say it's OK.

Question 8:Annie is going out with your ex. Why are you mad?
Why would she be going out with my ex? I'm going out with hers!!
I didn't really give her permission.
He's probably just using her. I'm mad cause it's inconsiderate, and she's only hurting herself!! Choosing a guy over her best friend.

Question 9:What does the word, "mad" make you think of?
Yelling at Annie:-)
Annie being mean.
Feeling distressed over my fight with a friend.

Question 10:What does your friendship necklace look like?
It's got a flower and its says Best and Annie's says Friends.
Mine says Double and Annie's says Trouble.
I dunno. I flushed it down the toilet when I got in a fight with Annie.

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