Do Have an Intuition?
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Do Have an Intuition?

Can you see the future? You always feel like you've done something before? Find out if you have intuition!

Question 1:Do you always get the feeling that you remember doing something before, even though you know this is the first time.
All the time! I didn't get the nickname Da Ja Vu Freak, for nothing
Maybe once or twice.

Question 2:Are you ever singing a song and when you turn on the radio the same song is on at the exact same place.
Sometimes, but it's usually in a different place in the song.
All the time!
I don't think that's ever happened.

Question 3:Do you wake up before your alarm?
Every once in a while.
Only if I have nightmares.
Every day! I never oversleep.

Question 4:Do you often know often know what someones is going to say before they say it?
Never! I'm always way off!
All the time!

Question 5:When you meet people, is your first impression of them usually correct?
Yikes, you don't want to know how bad!
Yeah, it's one my talents.
50-50, I still make mistakes.

Question 6:Do you know whats going to happen before it does?
My guess are usually close.
Always, I give my friends heads up about whats coming.
Me? Your joking right?

Question 7:Let's test your intuition. Right now I'm listening to...
Straight up - Paula Abdul
Stole - Kelly Rowland.
Die Another Die - Madonna.

Question 8:Do people ever tell you that you have an intuition.
All the time! It's getting annoying.
I few people have.

Question 9:Have you taking other tests you see if you have intuition?
I've never taken one.
Yup, and they all say yes!
Yeah, they all say no! :(

Question 10:Do you ever know the endings to movies you've never seen?
I sometimes can guess.
Yes! I dunno why I even bother watching them.
Only if my friend tells me.

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