What's Your Embarrassment Level?
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What's Your Embarrassment Level?

Try this quiz to find out your embarrassment level!

Question 1:If your pants were to split in public...
I would die!!
I'd run to find something to cover myself with.
I would make a mental note to fix them.

Question 2:When you read embarrassing moments in 'zines, you think...
I'm glad these things never happened to me.
This isn't embarrassing!
How could these people tell others what they did?

Question 3:When something stupid happens, you...
Tell everyone, nothing beats telling a funny story.
Keep it to yourself.
Share it with a few friends who will give you sympathy.

Question 4:Which one of these things could you do without embarrassing yourself?
Having my pants fall down in public, I'd still be wearing underwear.
Spilling water on my pants so it looks like I peed myself.
Getting toilet paper stuck to my shoe.

Question 5:Do you get embarrassed just imagining doing something stupid?
No way, it never even happened.
Yes, it's bad!!
A little, but it has to be very embarrassing.

Question 6:Do you ever walk around nude at home when you know you’re alone?
All the time! Why wouldn't I?
*Gasp* Never! Someone could come home at any moment!
No, but I don't think there is a problem doing that.

Question 7:Do you think people would think less of you if you did something embarrassing?
Yes, they would think I'm stupid.
No way!
Some people might, but I don't really care what they think.

Question 8:What would you do if you burped really loudly in front of a large group of people.
I would probably turn blush, and apologize a lot.
Say excuse me. Is this a trick question?
I would think of an excuse to leave and hide out in the bathrooms.

Question 9:What's the worst thing about spilling juice all over your shirt in front of your crush?
Having to walk around all day with a big spill my shirt.
Having to wash myshirt.
Having my crush laugh at me.

Question 10:Do you think it's possible to die of embarrassment?
No, but it can feel that way.
Yes, and I've come near death many times.
No way, that is just plain stupid.

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