Are you a player??
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Are you a player??

Wanna find out if you are a bonafied player? Take this test to find out!!!

Question 1:How many girlfriends have you had in the last 6 months?
5 or more

Question 2:Have you ever cheated on a girlfriend?
Yes, but I don't think it counted
Yeah, but don't tell her
Hell no, I could never hurt my baby like that!

Question 3:Your girlfriend dumps you so you...
Cry for a week and then move one with life
Cry for a month and then move on
Move on to that "safety net" girl you met a while ago

Question 4:What is sex to you?
Weekend Hobby
A sacred bond between to people
I don't know yet

Question 5:How often do you masturbate?
Whenever I can
Ewww! gross!
Never, it's better having someone do it for you

Question 6:Favorite drink?
Orange Juice
Anything that will get her drunk!

Question 7:On average, how long do your relationships last?
Relationships are for kids
About a week
About a month
You can't put a timeframe on true love!

Question how long waw/is your longest relationship?
A few days
A week
A month
I told you, you can't put a time frame on true love!

Question 9:Do you watch pornos?
OMG yes!
When I'm in the mood...
What's a porn?

Question 10:And the last question...Do you color code your boxers to your clothes because you might be showing them off later in the day?
I wear tighty whities!

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