What Are You, Personality-Wise?
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What Are You, Personality-Wise?

Do you fit into a semi-specific stereotype? Shall we find out?

Question 1:Firstly, just choose a phrase.
The rain refreshes the body and soul.
One day I'll be famous the whole world over.
I like my bedroom wall.

Question 2:What is the saddest event for you in the past 100 years?
The day that one football player.....yeah....
The day the music died.
The day my ant farm fell on the floor and all my friends left.

Question 3:Does loud music bother you?
Yes! I hate loud music!
What'd you say??

Question 4:Do you pity people lower in social status than you?
Heh, the little losers.
What are you talking about?
Bless the outcasts, for they inherit much, in the end.

Question 5:Dig "Lord of the Rings"?
OMG! Legolas/Arwen is SO hot!
Yeah, pretty cool.....mae govannen.
Uh, I don't usually watch explicit movies like that.

Question 6:What Simon & Garfunkel song most applies to you?
"The Sound of Silence"...."I Am a Rock", maybe.
Uhh.....who? Is that like the Backstreet Boys or something?
"The Dangling Conversation"....with everyone.

Question 7:Is your computer evil?
Yeah, it goes too slow for my needs.
Nah.....it's fine just the way it is.
What is evil, exactly?

Question 8:Whose side are you on in "The Matrix".
Uh...we've been through the explicit movies already.
The Agents.....they fight for a peaceful establishment.
The "Resisto's".......they do cool FX things.

Question 9:What do you think of this test, so far?
It sucks! I have better things to do!
It's okay.........lot's of...fun, I guess.
It's all good.

Question 10:What's your opinion on Anime?
It's something of a wasted talent, isn't it? I mean, really....
Is that like a type of chicken or something?
Want to see my collectables?

Question 11:Is there life in other galaxies?
Sure...those little green men are cool.
I was told that those things don't exist.
Considering the vastness of the Universe, I'd have to say yes.

Question 12:Are Ewoks cute?
Those cute little birds? Yeah!
Yes, I have a stuffed animal of one.
The teddy bear thing was sort of out of the norm for the "Star Wars" saga.

Question 13:Do you like to dust shelves?
I don't dust.
It's kind of sad to disturb the settled dust of the ages.
I prefer vacuuming.

Question 14:What do you seek the most?
The Music of the Spheres.
Some chick/guy to talk to.
My lost sock.

Question 15:Do you ever shake your pillow over the carpet to feed the baby organisms on the pillowcase to the carnivorous ones in the carpet?
Ew! That's nasty! I think I fell asleep in science during that part.
Yeah, everyone's got to eat sometime, you know.
I prefer to study those organisms than feed them, thanks.

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