How Reliable are you?
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How Reliable are you?

Ever wondered how reliable you are? Well here is your chance to find out.

Question 1:Your parents are going out tonight and you are stuck babysitting your little brother. Your friend calls you while you’re sitting and tells you there is a huge party going on and everyone you guys know is there! What do you do?
Stay home and watch your brother (You said you would)
Put your brother to bed and sneak out to hook up with your friend at the party (What they don't know won't hurt them)
Find out how long the party is and sneak out once your parents return (Why not do both?)
Ask your friend to come over and hang out with you (You're getting lonely)
Call your parents and ask to go to the party (Asking never hurt anyone)

Question 2:You've liked this guy (#1) awhile but never got the same vibe from him. This new guy (#2) starts crushing on you and you like him too. You guys have talked about getting into a relationship. #1 is flirting with you at a party and leans in to kiss you. What happens next?
You back up and tell him you kind of have something with someone else (You're so over him)
You start to make out with him and maybe more (Hey, it's not like #2 is my bf)
You make out with him (It's not that big of a deal!)
You back away and play the tease flirting with him all night (If I get this one hooked, I can choose between them later)
What kind of kiss are we talking? (Kissing never hurt anyone)

Question 3:Your friend really likes this guy named Jason. You've never really had a thing for him though. You and him have a class together and he starts flirting with you. You start to think he's pretty good looking after all. How do you react?
Resist. Don't flirt back (C'mon my friend likes him!)
Flirt with him and make plans with him this weekend (You're friend can handle some competition)
Flirt back with him and continue to teasingly touch him (This boy is fine! now I know what my friend was talking about)
You flirt with him a little but not enough to get him caught in your web ( I don't want to ruin my friends chance with him )
You flirt back (I know, I know, but he's so cute!)

Question 4:Your neighbor is going out of town and asks if you can take care of his dog and fish for 30 minutes everyday. He, of course, is offering to pay you for your help. How do you handle the responsibility?
I go over everyday to feed them, clean stuff etc. (You want to get your moneys worth!)
You decide to check on them the day before he comes back (I'll have more time to myself this way and still get paid)
You check on them a few times to make sure they are still alive but rush through it (So what if I shortened the dogs walk! Sue me!)
You ask a friend to come over and help you take care of the animals everyday (It will take less time this way)
You go over every other day and get help from a sibling (Hey, they don't know your getting paid so you don't have to split it!)

Question 5:Your foreign language class has to bring in a dish from that country. You are up late cramming to get homework done. What do you do about the food?
Wouldn't happen, you never cram, you would get both done early and still have time to watch your favorite tv show (Why wait?)
Ha! Cramming? I don't even do my homework (Screw them both!)
You are tired so you go to bed (You'll make up some lie in class tomorrow)
You tell your mom how tired you are and persuade her to make the dish (You found the recipe, it's fair, right?)
You get pops to drive you to the grocery store and buy some bean burritos from the frozen food section (They'll never know the difference)

Question 6:You and your friend go out for lunch. You forgot to bring money so your friend pays for both of you. Are you planning on paying them back?
Yes, I will get the money to them as soon as I see them, unless they need it sooner (I'd want my money back!)
No! Are you kidding? Who does that? (That's what friends are for, to help when you're in need)
No. I didn't tell them to pay for me! (They did it to be nice)
Yea, when it's convenient for me. (I always pay my friend back eventually)
Perhaps. They'll probably forget they paid for me anyways (They always do)

Question 7:Your friend calls you up late one night and reminds you that it's Mother's Day tomorrow. You totally forgot! Now what?
You make your mom breakfast in bed and help her out the whole day (She'll never know I forgot)
So? You don't think anything of it (Your mom probably didn't want anything anyways)
Does she really need anything? (You're the greatest gift of all)
I find a way to get something or do something (Maybe dad can help me out)
You spend a few minutes making a card (She always said she liked that)

Question 8:You're out with your buddies and you're having a blast! Your parents gave you a time to be home by. You really don't want to leave, so what happens?
You leave anyways, it's important you get home on time (that way you can have more nights like this)
You stay with your friends as long as you please and make up some excuse later (It always works)
You stay pretty long but make it home before you'll get grounded (nothing wrong with a little lecture)
You call and ask your parents if you can have a sleep over tonight (Why not take the fun to your place)
You call your parents to ask if you can stay later and argue until you can (You always get your way)

Question 9:A good friend named Jon likes you but you don't feel the same way. You guys made plans to see a movie together tomorrow night. You run into your crush that day and he wants to do something with you tonight too. How do you get out of this?
Tell your crush straight up you already have plans, but maybe you can hang out later (Wouldn't want to ditch your bud)
You do something with your crush that night and avoid Jon (He never has to know)
You tell your crush that sounds cool and decide you'll wait ‘til Jon calls you the next day and make an excuse (He'll totally fall for it)
Go to the movie with Jon but wish you were with your crush (I didn't want to feel guilty)
Tell your crush you'll do something, but work out a time so you can do both (You don't want to regret anything)

Question 10:You mainly look:
:oD Happy (I like life)
>:o/ Angry or annoyed (People are so gay!)
:'o( Sad ( Why does everything bad always happen to me?)
:o/ Lazy or tired (I'm just out of it most of the time)
*<:o) Approachable (My happiness is pretty average, not overwhelming)

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