Does everyone hate you because you're a jackass?
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Does everyone hate you because you're a jackass?

Ever wonder if you ARE as mean as everyone makes you out to be. Have you made someone cry in the last week? If you ARE a jackass, you might think of offing yourself!

Question 1:Do you like animals?
Only dead ones.
They are cute, fluffy and make my heart pitter patter.
I wish I were a cat!

Question 2:Have you made someone cry in the past week.
Is that bad?
No, that is awful!
No, then I would cry too.
Kurt Cobain is NOT a loser!

Question 3:Do you yell at poor defenseless cats just because they are PLAYING and accidentally knock something over?
I'm not THAT mean!
Cats are better than people.
Yes, otherwise they won't learn!
I'd give up Nick for my cats any day!

Question 4:Do you like to take online quizzes?
Yes, but it takes me five hours to take one.
No, screw you and your quizzes.
Yes, and I also like cats.
Yes, and my chinchilla's name is Happy.

Question 5:What would your reaction be if you saw a joke quiz online and it bashed Kurt Cobain, who is your idol, and then it had a disclaimer saying people shouldn't get mad cause it's a joke.
I'd laugh and shrug it off.
I would be severely ticked off.
I'd be like, "ooh, that's mean, but what're you gonna do?"
I'd scratch my head and eat some ice cream.

Question 6:What would you do if your girlfriend/boyfriend ACCIDENTALLY stepped on your toes?
I would punch him/her so hard, they'd bleed for hours.
I'd be like, "awww, it's okay, here's a hundred dollars!"
I'd break his/her finger/neck.
I'd go take a poop.

Question 7:Are you homophobic?
No, all people are created equal.
I'm gay.
Yes, kill them all!
I can take them or leave them.

Question 8:Do you get upset if a cat poops in the litter box and it stinks?
No, my poop stinks, too!
At least it wasn't on the floor.
Better than on my head.
Of course!... nasty retards...

Question 9:When your parents make you mad on the phone, what do you do after you hang up?
Be like, "well, pooh diddly, those poo poo heads!"
Get over it cause you don't live with them.
Make out with your woman/man.
Throw the phone at the wall and break it.

Question 10:If you live in a skankville apartment and want to move to a house really bad, and your fiancée keeps giving you choices, but you want to not look scurvy, after a million days, you should...
Get over it and keep packing.
Jump in the car with a sack of clothes and Ozzy CDs, ready to move.
Keep complaining, cause who doesn't love a complainer?
Pet a kitty.

Question 11:When your girlfriend/boyfriend is sick and can barely move, but you are EXTREMELY horny, what do you do?
Harass her/him until they give in (or vomit).
Make him/her chicken soup and realize there's more to life than sex.
Take care of it yourself in the bathroom.
Pet a kitty.

Question 12:Is it okay not to shave or shower for a week at a time?
Why wouldn't it be?
Who in their right mind WOULDN'T?!
I like tacos... why not smell like one?
Well, since I like the smell of cat poop so much, I will shower, then roll in it.

Question 13:If the rabbit is chewing on a piece of paper and you are trying to watch The Osbournes, what should you do?
Ignore it.
Yell at it for a longer time than the show is on.
Offer it a carrot.
Chew paper with it.

Question 14:Do you allow your girlfriend/boyfriend to watch rated R movies?
I rent them for him/her!
No, she/he is over 17, that is outrageous!
Only if it has nude scenes for me to watch with him/her.
Is Finding Nemo rated R?

Question 15:And finally, to see if you are a true jackass... do you smoke?
No, it promotes bad health.
I want to live to see 40.
My lungs are pink and healthy and I don't like to kill people with second hand smoke.
Like a chimney!

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