Daily Life Quiz
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Daily Life Quiz

Is your daily life adventurous, boring or dull? Take this test and find out!

Question 1:You're walking down the sidewalk as usual. Suddenly, a little kid walks over and kicks you and gives you the finger! You:
Grab him by the legs and lift up and then you thrust him headfirst into a nearby garbage can.
Run crying and say, "Why does everyone hate me?!!!"
Sit on him, hoping your weight will crush his tiny limbs.
Slap him across the face, and then poke him in the eye.

Question 2:A girl who happens to be a cheerleader accuses you of hitting her butt. She slaps you. You:
You say, "I'll give you something to slap me about!" while reaching your hand up the miniskirt....
Run crying, to the men’s bathroom, saying "I hate this world!!!"
You crack your knuckles, mess up that "beautiful" face of hers.
Wait until they perform for the football game and when they throw her up, yell "timber!" and throw a stick at her so that she falls down, destroying the pyramid of theirs in front of the whole school.

Question 3:You see a kid spit a spitball at the teacher. He accuses you of doing it and sends you to the principal's office to get suspended for three days.What do you do?
Yell profane language, kick him in the knee, poke him in the eye, launch tables at that fat***, and rip apart the damned grade book.
Oh well.... sigh, at least you could use the three day as a sleep period.
Wait after school and kick that mother****** stupid a** who got you into trouble.

Question 4:You're walking down the sidewalk when an old guy in a car flips you off. You:
You yell, "Oh yeah? At least I'm not a perverted old man like you!"
Run crying in a corner and yell to the sky, "What did I ever do to deserve this?"
Chase the car to the next stoplight, pull the s.o.b. out of the f***** car, and shove his middle finger up his a**!!!

Question 5:You're playing Spin the Bottle. Everyone that hates you (now the cheerleader) is there. Nobody has yet landed on Butt Ugly Becky. Suddenly, you land on her! Ewwwwwww!
Throw up, hoping the barf lands on whoever did it!
Stand up and scream, "YOU DID THAT ON PURPOSE!"
You push someone at her.

Question 6:The cheerleader asks you out (yes, the one that slapped you). Before you can answer she screams, "FINE, YOU STUPID HEAD!" and runs off.
Slap that b**** to next Thursday.
Run after her, crying, "Wait! I can make it up to you!"
Yell at her, "Who would want to go out with a f***** old, ugly, b**** like you!?!?"

Question 7:You're sitting down for lunch when you're friend squirts ketchup all over your favorite shirt. You:
Scream profane language at him, and shove your milk, which he hates, down his fat ugly mouth!
Grab that ketchup packet, stuff it in their mouth, kick them in the knee, and push them down! That'll teach them.
Cry and say "You did that on purpose!" and run to the bathroom to wash it off.
Say "its alright" but when he gets up to go to the bathroom, you squirt ketchup over his seat.

Question 8:What is your favorite color???
Red, White, and the Green!

Question 9:What kind of music do you listen to??
Hard Rock
Rock 'n Roll

Question 10:A girl in your class makes fun of you. What do you do??
Talk with complex vocabulary, fast sentences, and hope that her pea-sized brain will overload.
Whisper lies about him.
Get up, grab some tape, shove into her mouth, and knee his nose.
Throw your Table at her.
Run to the bathroom, crying, "Why does everyone hat me so much?! WHY!?"

This Quiz has been designed by Curtis Wu.