Are You Shallow?
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Are You Shallow?

Are you shallow and you don't know it?

Question 1:What is one trait that your friends have to have?
Honesty- I can't have a friend that lies to me.
Brains- then they can do my homework.
Popularity, and good clothes.
They agree with everything I say.
Someone that I click with- all my friends are different.

Question 2:A new girl arrives at school, and the teacher tells her to sit in the place that you usually do. What do you say?
Nothing- just sit in the back and listen.
Nothing, but I plan to chew out both the teacher and the new girl at lunch.
Get up out of my seat, loser!
Excuse me, but that's my seat. Go sit someplace else.
Say hello to her, then go find a different seat.

Question 3:How long after you break up with someone does another crush or relationship start with someone else?
Immediately afterward. Usually the crush is the reason I break up with him.
A couple of weeks. Who cares about the loser?
A few days, just enough to keep gossip down.
Months- boyfriends are hard to get over.
I haven't ever had a boyfriend...

Question 4:How often do you read or study?
A read a little, and before a big test I cram.
I only read when I have to, and I never study.
I read a lot, and study a lot as well.
Who needs to read or study if you have people to give you the answers?
I read, not a whole bunch, though, and I never study- too much to do.

Question 5:Your friend rushes up to you in the middle of a conversation that you're having, saying that some terrible crisis has happened (parents split up, grandmother died, etc.) to her family. What do you do?
Kelly, can't you see I'm busy? Go talk to Jen.
WAIT a second. *sigh*
Oh, I'm so sorry! Just let me wrap this up and we can talk about it!
Sorry, Brad- have to go. Come on, Kelly, let's go sit down.
Kelly, I'm sorry. Maybe you should make an appointment with the counselor...

Question 6:Your grandmother gets sick right when the big Valentine's Day dance is happening, and the family says you have a choice to go or stay. What do you do?
You've got to be kidding. Chad just asked me to the dance- there is no way I'm turning this down.
Are you kidding? This is my grandmother! I'm going, definitely!
Dangit. I guess I'll go see Granny....
I'll go to the dance, and then hop on a plane the next day.
I'll go see Granny, but I'm throwing my own party afterwards.

Question 7:Your best friend, Jodie, wins the class vote for Homecoming Queen, and you turn out to be the first runner up, even though you were supposed to be a shoe-in. What do you do?
Tell her to give up the title. She always does what you say.
Throw a sleepover party in her honor- she deserves it!
Say congrats with a big smile, but then bad mouth her in private.
Say congratulations, but be privately steaming inside.
Give her that turn-your-teeth black gum you'd been saving before the parade. Hahaha...

Question 8:About what percent of the stuff you borrow do you give back?
About 25% percent.... but by the time I find it, it's mostly used up.
about 95%.... sometimes I just forget.
Who cares? I need it more than they do.
maybe 2%, if they're lucky.
about 60%. I can't remember to, sometimes.

Question 9:Where do you sit at lunch, during speeches, and in class?
Only with the most popular people. Why sit with bottom-dwellers?
with my friends- they might not be as popular as I am, but hey.
Just with my group.
usually not with the same people- I have a lot of friends.
Near the teachers, trying to get brownie points.

Question 10:What is your biggest fear?
That I won't be successful when I grow up.
That I'll get ugly, and have to hang out with the nerds.
That my friends will suddenly not like me anymore.
That I will die, and that no one will care.
That people will find out that I'm not as perfect as I pretend to be.

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