Do you have what it takes to be a Loon?
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Do you have what it takes to be a Loon?

Well? Do you? Find out here!

Question 1:What do you do if the Grand High Loon gives you a direct order?
Attempt to kill him.
Comply immediately.
Try and figure out what he is saying.

Question 2:Where do your friends live?
In a mental institute.
In a graveyard.
In my neighborhood.

Question 3:Do you even have any friends?
Not any more, I killed them all.
Not any more, they were all committed.
Yes, lots of them.

Question 4:What do you do if you see a Loon with a knife sticking out of his/her forehead?
Pull it out and stick it somewhere else.
Ignore it. (Loon’s heads are empty anyway)
Call 911.

Question 5:What is the official Loon language?

Question 6:How many words are in the official Loon language?

Question 7:How smart are you?
I’m a genius.
What does “smart” mean?
I get/got fairly good grades in school.

Question 8:Have you ever gotten killed?
No, I’m immortal.
Yes, and I am now an undead.
What kind of stupid question is this?

Question 9:How would you recognize the Grand High Loon?
I dunno? They say “loon” I guess.
S/He is walking through walls.
S/He is walking into walls.

Question 10:Do you feel worthy to be a Loon?
Yes I am worthy!
What is a Loon anyway?
Who would want to join your stupid little club anyway?

This Quiz has been designed by Grand High Loon.