Are you fickle?
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Are you fickle?

Do you find yourself in love with more than one guy per day? Are you easily persuaded by a some random guy who isn't your boyfriend (who you swear you adore) into a dark candlelit room? Or are you a faithful, constant companion to your true love? Find out!

Question 1:   How much time do you spend with your boyfriend compared to the time you spend with other guys?
I spend as much time as possible with my boyfriend
Depends if he's in town...
Mmm... it's about even.
Oh God, I NEVER spend time with anyone else! I wouldn't even THINK of LOOKING at another guy!

Question 2:   You're at a party with your boyfriend, but then he wants to leave. There's this hot guy who's obviously been checking you out all night and looks like he wants to start something. Do you stay or leave?
I'd stay. After all, good parties are hard to come by...
If he so much as looks like he wants to leave, we're gone. Besides, I think there are way too many other chicks here...
Say goodnight to boyfriend...hello, Mr. Hottie!
I'd leave with my boyfriend. Duh! You never know why he wants to leave.

Question 3:   Would you go on a secret date with that cute guy from algebra?
Oh yeah!
Mmm...yeah. I love excitement.
Never ever ever in a billion years!
Probably not.

Question 4:   This really cute guy asks you if you have a boyfriend (and he's seen him and you together). What do you say?
Come to think of it, we just broke up.
Yes, but we can still be friends!
Yes, and if you even think of coming anywhere near me, my boyfriend will beat the snot out of you!
Oh, he's just my big brother. We hold hands because we know each other so well.

Question 5:   Your boyfriend dumps you. What's the first thing that you do?
No way! I'd break up with him first!
I'd shoot myself...after I kill him.
I'd cry my eyes out for two weeks, then move on.
I'd run to that cute guy from algebra and cry in his arms.

Question 6:   You're dating this awesome guy, but then some random punk (who happens to look like Heath Ledger) begs to kiss you. What do you do?
I wouldn't even if I wanted to.
Slap him, knee him, break his arm...
I'd think about it...then kiss him.
Pucker up, baby!

Question 7:   You're dropping off something at your boyfriend's house when his hot older brother answers the door. He invites you inside and immediately starts flirting and touching you shamelessly. What do you do?
Run from the house, screaming "Rapist!"
Start removing all necessary clothing...
Talk to him for a little while, then leave.
Flirt back

Question 8:   Your boyfriend's sick and can't go to your birthday party. What do you do?
Go on with my party...but pout most of the time
Cry, then have my party.
Flip out, cry, wail, yell at him, then blow off the party and spend the evening talking to him on the phone
Party on! And invite a few more cute guys!

Question 9:   You and your boyfriend are holding hands when all of a sudden, your crush walks up. What do you do?
For the last time, I DON'T HAVE A CRUSH! I love only my BOYFRIEND!
Slap my boyfriend, start screaming, and run to your crush.
Pull my hand away so as not to look suspicious.
Keep walking. What do you want me to do?

Question 10:   Your boyfriend invites you to the football game, but then finds out that he can't be there. Later that day, one of the hot male cheerleaders asks you to sit in the front. What do you do?
Prepare my boyfriend dinner for when he gets back...two weeks from now.
Go to the game, take my shirt off, and start waving it around like a banner...hey, I can be a cheerleader too!
Stay home and watch "Friends"
Go to the game and sit where this cheerleader can see me.

Question 11:   Your boyfriend asks him to go hiking with him (which you abhor). However, this really cute guy (who you happen to like a ton) asks you to go with him to the rock concert that's been sold out for weeks. What do you do?
Go hiking and suddenly decide that it's your new fav sport
Go hiking...but complain half the time
Tell my boyfriend that I'm sick and go with the cute guy.
Tell my boyfriend that I don't want to go, and besides, I've got tickets to the concert and that I'm sorry that he can't be there with me.

Question 12:   Okay, let's face it; would you dump your boyfriend to go out with that hot guy from chemistry? Honestly?
Probably not...

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