The Greedy Test
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The Greedy Test

Has anyone ever called you greedy? do you often feel greedy? Take this test to find out if you are truly greedy!

Question 1:   How often do you eat?
three times per day
four times per day
as often as I want
whenever I feel like eating

Question 2:   There is no food in the refrigerator. Your parents just left heading for the grocery store. Do you:
keep opening the refrigerator hoping to find something
wait patiently for them to come back
go to a friend's house to eat
walk ten blocks to the store even though I only have fifty cent

Question 3:   You just finished eating. Your mom orders pizza. How much do you eat?
just one slice
as much as I can
only two slices

Question 4:   When you are about to eat, how do you feel?
very excited
anxious to eat

Question 5:   I eating one of your hobbies?
depends on how I feel

Question 6:   Your friend is eating a bag of chips. What do you do?
ignore him/her
ask for some
take some without asking
try to ignore the chips even though I secretly want some
stare at the bag and hope that he or she will give me some

Question 7:   Has anyone ever called you greedy?
all the time

Question 8:   You are eating something very tasty. All of a sudden, you get full. What do you do with the rest of the food?
throw it away
put it in the refrigerator for later
keep eating the food anyway

Question 9:   What type of food do you eat most?
healthy food
junk food
fast food
any kind of food I can find
a variety of foods

Question 10:   If your food falls to the floor or ground what do you do?
pick it up like nothing happened
leave it there
get mad and start cursing
pick it up and kiss it up to god
say god made dirt and dirt don't hurt

Question 11:   When do your food taste the best?
when I first put it in my mouth
right at the end when it's almost gone
all the time
when I fantasize about it

Question 12:   Do you believe in the 5 second rule? (You dropped something on the ground. you have 5 seconds to pick it up and eat it.)
of course
no, I believe in the 10 second rule

This Quiz has been designed by Nia Johnson.