How Lemming-ish are you?
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How Lemming-ish are you?

Many people don't even know what a lemming is...that’s what we're here educate the populace on the terrible thing of a lemming, and the horrors that they unleash upon an unsuspecting world. Lemmings are furry little monkeys that live in the Arctic and eat tundra. A good friend of mine once demonstrated the thoughts of a lemming by saying "If one lemming dyed its fur pink, so would every other lemming within a 20 mile radius. Do you know anyone like that? I know I do." The most defining point of a lemming is that they often find themselves jumping off extremely high cliffs, and falling to their deaths, because they think it’s cool, therefore, bringing their own downfall about by simply following the person in front of them. Take our test, and find out how far from jumping are you….

Question 1:   The word "juicy" should describe:
A piece of fruit
The clothes that everyone should wear
The best clothing company ever
Your ass

Question 2:   How do you make your clothing decisions?
Whatever the rich girl is doing
Whatever I want
Whatever everyone else is wearing
Whatever is the most sexually revealing, expensive, and in style clothing

Question 3:   How do you choose your friends?
Whomever is nice, and helpful, and wholesome.
Whomever is acting cool and in style
Whomever is rich
Whomever will help me get more friends

Question 4:   What do you usually spend time reading?
I read novels. Magazines are too dumb, and silly.
Reading...what’s that...I look at magazines...
I read Cosmo-Girl
I read People Magazine.

Question 5:   What's your favorite movie?
Edward Scissorhands
Blue Crush
Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Question 6:   Who's your favorite celebrity couple?
Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston
I really don't care, it's not my life
Ashton and Demi

Question 7:   You go to school, only to see someone not in your circle, wearing the same pants as you. What do you do?
Yes, I match up with someone popular
What the hell?
*GASP* How dare they!

Question 8:   Who directed 'Edward Scissorhands'?
Oh, my God! Wasn't Johnny Depp in that?
Ummm.... I don't know, but Johnny Depp was in that.
Johnny Depp was in that, wasn't he?
Oh man... Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are TEH cool together!

Question 9:   What's your favorite band?
50 Cent
The newest No Doubt
Modest Mouse

Question 10:   What's your favorite song?
The Anthem
Stacy's Mom

Question 11:   What underwear are you wearing?
Boy-cut short shorts
Umm.... It's clean and it's comfy
Underwear? What underwear?
A thong

Question 12:   What do you do in your spare time?
Buy expensive stuff.....but if I'm at school, I'll be in the bathroom with my boyfriend
Compare photos of hot movie stars
Gossip on the phone

Question 13:   Pick a quote:
"I never knew the sun was bigger than the moon"
"Oh, my God, I'm not in your class!"
"Welcome to the Caribbean, love"
"It's just a flesh wound!"

Question 14:   Who's your favorite actor?
Owen Wilson
Orlando Bloom
Ashton Kutcher
Johnny Depp

Question 15:   Who's your favorite actress?
Catherine O'Hara
Julia Roberts
Renee Zellweger
Cameron Diaz

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