Are you Accident Prone?
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Are you Accident Prone?

Are you always getting hurt? Wanna know if you're accident prone or if it's normal? Find out!

Question 1:   When you walk down the stairs, what happens?
What do you mean, what happens! I go down the stairs, big whoop.
Sometimes I fall down, but not very often.
I've fallen a few times, kind of embarrassing.
I fall every time I go down them!

Question 2:   Do you walk into walls?
I'm not stupid
I was pushed into it!
I have a couple of times
Ack, my nose is bleeding, hold on...

Question 3:   Are you constantly limping?
No way!
I do once in a great while
Ow, pain! If I don't limp, it'll hurt!

Question 4:   Have you ever broken a bone?
Once or twice
A few
All of them!

Question 5:   Do you have nicknames like "#1 Limper" or "Owwwww"?
I have NEVER got that nickname
It didn't stick

Question 6:   Do you have bruises all over and you have no clue where they came from?
I know where they came from
You mean this one on my leg? And my arm? And my head?

Question 7:   Have you ever hit your head and suffered from amnesia?
No, I know who I am and I know you're driving me crazy with this quiz!
I've bumped my head, but not that bad
I've bumped my head so many times, I don't remember if I had amnesia
I forgot, what was the question? And who am I?

Question 8:   Are you in pain right now?
I'm normal
A little

Question 9:   You might want to stop soon, you're getting blood all over the keyboard
No I'm not you freak!
Oops, sorry, I get nosebleeds sometimes
Perhaps you're right, stupid papercuts

Question 10:   You're done! Last question, do you think you're accident prone?
No way!
I dunno
I could be
Hold on, I just ran my knee into desk...again...

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