Do you deserve a second chance?
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Do you deserve a second chance?

This quiz is actually quite serious and as accurate as I can make it. Only take this test if you can be truthful with yourself. There are different situations with many different solutions, and sometimes you may have to realize that you messed up so badly that a certain person can't forgive. But, there are many forgiving people out there, the question really is, can you learn from your mistakes?

Question 1:   You and your best friend get into a huge fight and as soon as s/he leave, you...
Get mad-a friend wouldn't be nasty with you
Throw away everything that person ever gave you
Cry and wait for them to get home so you can make up

Question 2:   You cheat on your significant other, do you...
Feel a little bit bad, but then again, they've probably already cheated on you anyways
Sit them down and tell them everything
Pretend it never happened and make damn well sure it doesn't again

Question 3:   You just found out that your significant other has cheated on you, do you...
Cheat on them
Break up
Confront them

Question 4:   A person tells you that your significant other has cheated on you only once, you...
Calmly plot your revenge
Start screaming that you f%$@ing knew it!
Ignore the person, your other would never cheat on you

Question 5:   Your feelings on your significant other are...
The same as all my "significant others", hehe
This is a person that I maybe could spend the rest of my life with
Some you really like, but you question how long you'll last

Question 6:   Your significant other confronts you about a rumor(upset but not screaming) that you've cheated...(you have, once), you...
Look them straight into their eyes and tell them the truth
Tell them that you haven't and try to get back into their good graces
Try to deny it until they bring out the video tape

Question 7:   Your significant other confronts you about a rumor(upset, but not screaming) that you've cheated...(you haven't), you...
Get pissed, they shouldn't even question you about cheating
Calmly explain whatever situation truthfully and don't blame them for asking, you would too
Break up with them, there's no point in being with someone who doesn't trust you

Question 8:   Would you cheat if...
You had been cheated on first
A really good opportunity came up and you wouldn't make it a habit
Never, I would break up with the person first

Question 9:   The famous question: Your significant other asks your opinion on their outfit, you hate it, do you...
Tell them that it just doesn't suit them and offer a suggestion
Lie and secretly make fun of them

Question 10:   You hear two of your friends making fun of a fourth mutual friend, you...
Sit there, you don't want them to talk about you
Jump in and defend your friend
Start laughing and say, "I know......!"

Question 11:   You are driving down the street and you accidentally kill a cat. Later, you find out that it's a friend's cat, but they don't know you killed it, you...
Laugh to yourself and pretend to listen sympathetically
Get tears in your eyes and admit that you did, and explain it was an accident
Keep it to yourself, you don't want to upset your friend anymore than necessary

Question 12:   During a party that your mate couldn't attend with you, a friend of your mate gets really drunk and gets a little too friendly, you...
Flirt around a little bit, as long as you don't sleep with her/him, you're not doing anything wrong
Offer to driver her/him home, s/he's way too drunk to know what she's doing
Sleep with her/him, you've always wanted to anyways

Question 13:   You slip up and make a very hurtful comment to your significant other that you didn't mean, they get really upset, you...
Get pissed and bring up all the hurtful things they've said to you
Apologize once, hey you're not going to keep on apologizing until the end of time
Apologize over and over and try like hell to make it up to them

Question 14:   Pick one to best describe yourself...
Care about people, but also care about yourself
Sensitive and in-tune to other people's needs
I'm out for #1

Question 15:   Apologies are...
Screw that, I ain't apologizing to no one
Just words, sometimes you mean them and sometimes you'll just say them to get someone off your back
Necessary, especially when you mess up

This Quiz has been designed by Bobbie Jo Velazquez.