Are You Controlled By Society?
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Are You Controlled By Society?

Do you care so much about what others think of you that you change what you believe?

Question 1:   What do you usually wear during a general day?
Only name brand clothes that cost my parents a ton of money.
Whatever is in at the time.
My best friend shops for me, so I only wear what she thinks is cute.
Whatever is comfortable (I.e. jeans and a sweatshirt)

Question 2:   What kind of music do you listen to?
N*Sync, Backstreet Boys, and other popular boy bands
opera, heavy metal, punk rock, indie groups, electronica, whatever I feel like listening to.
Whatever my friends are listening to or think is cool.
Whatever is played over and over again on the most popular radio station in the city.

Question 3:   What is your favorite color?
dark colors or earth tones.
lime green
baby blue

Question 4:   Finish this sentence: I pick my boy/girl friends for their...

Question 5:   I color my hair because I think that it...
makes me look sexy and alluring to the opposite sex
is funny to see people's faces when they see my vivid purple hair.
makes me look like I am a surfer boy/girl even though it is the middle of winter in Missouri and the nearest beach is like a thousand miles away.
makes me look a lot more like my friend's this way.

Question 6:   My belt always, ALWAYS has to match my shoes.
Well, unless my belt is pink and sparkly. Then I have to wear brown shoes with it.
What the fuck? My belts are only to hold up my pants.

Question 7:   What is your favorite brand of shoes?
Doc Martins
I wear whatever is cheap and comfortable.

Question 8:   On the weekends I am usually...
At a party thinking I am cool because only the popular people were invited to this particular hoe-down.
At the mall, of course
at home doing acid with family and/or close friends because I feel like it.
Ummm...doing the football team/cheerleading squad.

Question 9:   Do other people think that you are a loser? Especially the "cool" people?
I don't really know or care if they do or not.
I REALLY hope not. I want to be cool too!
What do you mean the "cool" people? I am the cool person and my friends are my minions.

Question 10:   Have you ever jumped off a cliff because your friends told you to and you wanted to fit in with them?
If I even thought about doing that for a minute, I would promptly shoot myself.
Yeah, last weekend.
It was into water, so it isn't like it was dangerous or anything.

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