Do you have an attention problem?
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Do you have an attention problem?

Can you pay attention for a long period of time or do you drift off into outer space?

Question 1:   When you are balisticly bored, you...
Twiddle your thumbs.
Run around like a chicken with it's head cut off.
Have to be doing something constantly.
Let your imagination take over and you have no idea what is going on.

Question 2:   Movies...
Are pointless.
I have no time for movies.
They are great to pass the time.
When it comes to doing homework they really come in handy.
I have to see every one

Question 3:   When talking to someone...
You listen very carefully.
Think about how boring they are.
Wish you could be hanging with your buds.
Stare at that HUGE zip on the end of their nose.
Drift in and out of paying attention.

Question 4:   When reading a book...
What's a book?
Who has the time for nooks?
You pay very close attention to all the details.
You fall asleep on page 2.
You haven't even made it to chapter books yet.

Question 5:   What kind of animal would you be?
A cheetah... lots of energy.
An elephant... very smart.
A dog... dumb and stupid.
A cat...very sophisticated.
A lovebird... has to be center of attention.

Question 6:   While on the phone...
You do most of the talking
You do most of the listening
You talk about half the time and listen the other half.
Don't even listen to the other person while painting your toenails.
Pay close attention to every word.

Question 7:   When someone asks you a question...
You answer right away.
Ignore them.
Pretend you didn't hear.
Tell them to hold on a million times.
Give some excuse.

Question 8:   Your best friend is leaving for a long time. You...
Cry for days.
Say they'll be back.
Wish them good luck.
Try to go with them.
Try to keep them from going.

Question 9:   You find a hundred bucks. You...
Go on a shopping spree!
Give it to charity.
Put it in the bank.
Share it.
Pay bills.

Question 10:   Cows...
Are pretty cool.
Very ugly and terrifying.
Ares space taker uppers.
Are good sources of food.

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