Finding the true you
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Finding the true you

Have you found yourself yet?

Question 1:   On weekends you usually
hang out with your friends and family but still save time for yourself
lock your door and hide
gossip with your friends
go to parties
meditate in your room all day and night

Question 2:   When YOU look in the mirror, what do you see?
A person who needs some diet pills, asap
A person who thinks I am all that
A person who hates themself
A person who doesn't know who the person in the mirror even is
A person who loves themself

Question 3:   When you go out with a group of friends you tend to
want to be the center of attention
hardly talk
gossip about weird people you see
talk and listen
stay quiet the whole time

Question 4:   In three words you are
caring, loving, unique
ugly, honest, shy
quiet, truthful, nervous all the time
nice, caring, loving
hyper, talkative, caring

Question 5:   If you saw a "popular" kid at school picking on a "nerd" you would
walk away
stick up for the "nerd"
ignore them
stare and listen

Question 6:   Your thoughts include
how you can improve yourself morally
how you can become more pretty/or handsome
how you hate someone
how you want to ask someone out
how you can get revenge

Question 7:   You and your friends have decided to go to the mall on a Friday night, you wear
your favorite shirt and pants
a tight black miniskirt, with a tight shirt
a loose hoodie with baggy jeans
all black
a swimming suit

Question 8:   Do you ever get jealous?
yes, sometimes
once in a lifetime
all the time

Question 9:   Your friends invite you to a concert you have been wanting to go see for a long time but the only problem is you promised your little brother you would attend his baseball game before you knew about the concert and they are both on the same night, you
tell your brother your sorry but you have to go see the concert, you will make it up to him
tell your brother you will be there but go the the concert instead..maybe he won't notice your not there
try to go to both....if possible
tell your friends you promised your brother you would see his baseball game so you go the the game instead

Question 10:   If someone calls you a name that hurts you, you
call them a name back
cry when you get home
make a revenge plan on how to get them back, he/she deserves it
keep it bottled up
ignore it and let it go

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