How much common sense do you have?
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How much common sense do you have?

If you have ever wondered what your friends are really thinking when you talk this is the quiz for you. This quiz will tell you exactly how much you think before you speak.

Question 1:   Do people laugh at you when you comment on what they say or ask a question?
Yes all the time, why is that?
no way

Question 2:   Have you ever been put on a talking time-out?
a what?
uh no not me
I thought I was the only one

Question 3:   Do comments you make often end up in your friends profiles on aim?
well there was that one time
no I'm always putting my friends comments in mine
Who cares?
yeah, it's cause they like me

Question 4:   When someone says "This may require some quick thinking", do you get nervous?
he he no but I know some people that really flip out
no I'm good at that stuff
Yeah I just can't handle that stuff

Question 5:   Do people ever exclude you from some things because they think it will confuse you?
Wow I guess I do get excluded from alot of stuff
no way
uh I don't think so
Maybe sometimes

Question 6:   Do you ever watch "Street Smarts" and miss most of the questions?
sometimes but not usually
no those people are so dumb
nope I get them all right
Those questions are tough

Question 7:   Did you ever really think they put pepper in Dr. Pepper?
yeah when I was younger
no that's just stupid
They don't?

Question 8:   Have you ever ran into a wall more than once within five minutes?
Oh my gosh I hate it when I do that
uh no
I think I might have once but I was drunk

Question 9:   Do often have to ask for someone to explain jokes to you?
yeah all the time
nah I always get them, even the dumb ones
not very much
no I do the explaining

Question 10:   Do you honestly wonder why your friends laugh at you all the time?
no I laugh with them
yeah it's so weird
they don't laugh at me, I laugh at them

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