Quiz About You
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Quiz About You

Something we all need from day to day, and for people we meet.

Question 1:   Do you wash your hands after going to the bathroom?
Sometimes....If I feel like it.
When I remember.
Of course, that is gross.
No way, I know where my hands have been.

Question 2:   You are walking along and someone bumps into you, what do you do?
"Hey, buddy walk on your own feet, not mine".
"Watch where you are going".
Scream profanities, and show a few gestures.
"Excuse me, I am sorry I did not see you their".

Question 3:   Do you open doors for other people?
Yes, of course.
Sometimes, if I think of it at the time.

Question 4:   When out with friends, do you offer to be "the driver", or not?
We take turns.
Sometimes, it depends on my day.
Never, everyone drives me around.
I offer, I do not drink.

Question 5:   Do you like it when the opposite sex picks up the tab?
Yes, I think it is expected that they do.
Not all the time.

Question 6:   Do you like the out doors, or do like the in doors?
I like being out side as much as I can.
I like being in doors, TV, couch, remote.
A little of both.

Question 7:   Do you like walking(as an exercise)?
No, I like to jog.
No, I like my weight lifting.
No, I do not like any kind of exercise.
Yes, it is a great way to spend the day.

Question 8:   You found a wallet, what do you do?
Go through it, you can tell alot about a person by what they keep.
Go through it, and take what you want and then return it.
Take the money out and toss the rest in a nearby dumpster.
Find out who it belongs to, and return it.

Question 9:   What kind of music do you like?
All kinds

Question 10:   Do you like to be alone?
Yes. I get a lot done.
Yes, I am not a people person.
No, the more people around the better.
It depends on the day.
No, small groups are best for me.

Question 11:   What kind of movies do you like?
It depends on my mood, anything goes.
Romance, but funny.
Sci-Fi. the things they come up with is great.
Comedy, it describes me.
Horror, that would be the story of my life.

Question 12:   Do you like children?
Yes, they are our future.
Yes, as long as I can give them back.
No, I have pets, that is enough for me.
Of course, have a few myself.
No thank you.

Question 13:   What is your favorite time of the day?
9:00 PM

Question 14:   What was your favorite food?
Hamburger with the works.
Something that can be put in the microwave

Question 15:   Where is the best place to meet new people?
Laundry Mat
Grocery Store

Question 16:   Do you like to cook?
Yes when it is my turn.
Sometimes, whenever I feel like it.
No, I eat out.
Yes, all the time.

Question 17:   Do you think you are healthy?
Yes, for the most part.
I do not know, have not seen the doctor in years.

Question 18:   What do you like to read?
Newspaper- any of it .
Books of any kind
Magazines-any kind.
I do not like to read at all.

Question 19:   Do you like to traveling?
Yes, whenever I can get time to.
No, allergies.
Yes, I love to see the country.

Question 20:   Bath or Shower?
Shower, sitting in dirty water is gross.
Both, depends on how I feel.
Bath, Nothing like soaking the day away.
Bath...candles....music,,,,, and rose petals.

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