Are You Trapped?
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Are You Trapped?

Are you a man trapped in a woman’s body! Find out here!

Question 1:   Do you wear skirts?
I don't really care much....
NO! I hate skirts with a passion!
I love skirts!

Question 2:   Do you wear mens clothing?
You people are weird!
Yes! Why should the guys get all the cool clothes?
No! That's disgusting!

Question 3:   When you go to school or church dressed as a girl, how do people react?
They act like they always do!
They tell me to go put guy clothes on.
I don't get out much!

Question 4:   Do you like violence!
Too much blood for me.
Depends what mood I'm in...

Question 5:   Did you like the movie Uptown Girls?
That was a really sweet movie!
What? I've never heard of that!
You're joking right? I wouldn't see that if someone paid me!

Question 6:   What do you think of when I say Hot Topic?
That store scares the crap out of me! Too many weird people!
That store rocks!

Question 7:   What's your idea of a perfect date?
Going to see a rock concert
Typical dinner and movie
A beautiful candle lit dinner along side the beach

Question 8:   Do you like sports?
Sports? I don't have enough time for it!
I can't live without it!
Ugh! I hate it!

Question 9:   Do you think that this quiz is pretty much pointless?
No..I'm lost and confused! I NEED AN ANSWER!
Yeah..pretty much
Umm...does it really matter what I think?

Question 10:   Ok...last you people call you a guy? Or do people say you act like a guy?
All the time!
Why would they do that?

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