Do You Need To Get A Life?
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Do You Need To Get A Life?

I'm sure many times people have come up to you and told you to "Get A Life." But is that statement sarcasm, or do you really need one?

Question 1:   So, your best friend comes up to you Monday morning, and as usual, you share about your weekend. When you finish telling you about your weekend, he or she responds by saying...
Damn, I wish I was there!
That's cool.
uh... right.
nothing... he/she is staring at how stupid I am.

Question 2:   Your mom comes into your room unexpectedly. She most likely would see you:
talking on the phone
doing homework
playing computer games

Question 3:   Your perfect date with your perfect person would be going to
a concert until 2 am, then to Denny's for breakfast, then...
someone wants to date me!
your bed
a movie and maybe dinner, if "they are lucky enough"

Question 4:   what people call you a loser, NOT sarcastically?
my parents
my friends
my best friend
uh... only those who are jealous

Question 5:   When you are bored, you find yourself
wtf? I never get bored
writing, drawing, coloring, etc....
daydreaming about being a superhero!
doing homework

Question 6:   Okay, so the scenario is... you're hungry. There's no real food ready to eat and no food that can be easily prepared. Your plan:
creating a gourmet meal
calling a pizza
get the car and go to a food place

Question 7:   Sometimes, life just is not your can of beans. People respond to:
what's the matter?
uh-oh, drama!
it must be his/her self-esteem coming to him/her
nothing. they don’t even realize you're in a bad mood.

Question 8:   Your teacher assigned you to write a story, and now she wants you to read it to the class. Your response:
sure, why not?
OOO! Pick me, Mrs. Crapster!
I'm not done... actually, I haven't started.
I'm still writing.

Question 9:   Little kids look up to you because...
you're tall
you make them laugh
they like you
you're fun

Question 10:   When you come home, your dogs greet you with
nothing. they just lay on the couch
dog poo on the rug
jumping and barking and licking and...
tail wagging

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