Are you afraid?
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Are you afraid?

This quiz tests your fear level

Question 1:   If you see a spider you...
Smack it with the closest thing you can find.
Leave it alone.
Scream and run for dear life.

Question 2:   If you watch a horror movie at night you...
Can't get to sleep or if you do you have bed dreams.
Go to sleep the same as every night.
Watch another one.

Question 3:   If your best friend ask you to go sky diving or mountain climbing with them you...
Say yes but after thinking about it.
Say yes, what's to think about.
Wonder what's gotten into them, they know you don't climb anything taller than you are.

Question 4:   When asked to watch your best friends little brother pet rat you...
Say why not.
Sure I love rats.
Say no way I am getting near that thing, you do it, after all he is her little brother not yours.

Question 5:   If you had to sleep outside in the woods with no tent you...
Yes, but only if I had no tent.
Yes, I love nature and adventure
No, because it is dark and you would hear creepy animal sounds during the night.

Question 6:   If you could be an animal what would it be...
No animal I am afraid of animals.

Question 7:   You are in bed in the dark and you hear an unidentifiable noise you...
Go to sleep it was nothing to worry about.
Be a little scared but eventually go to sleep.
Scream and leave,, Or pull covers over your head and stay up all night.

Question 8:   You are sitting on the porch when a bee lands on you...
Leave it alone.
Kill it myself.
Scream and/or Run and get someone to kill it and wait an hour or more after it is dead to go back out.

Question 9:   You are in a cab and the driver picks up another person. They have a pet with them. Which would it have to be for you tell the cab driver let me out here...
Snake or poisonous creature.
If he had a pet other than a small dog or cat I would get out.
I wouldn't get out no matter what he had.

Question 10:   Were you afraid to take this test?
A little.
No. How silly.

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