What's Your Hidden Identity?
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What's Your Hidden Identity?

Do you believe that you're really a prince/princess trapped in "your" middle-class surroundings? Or that you're an evil genius just dying to show the world what you got? Then take this quiz!

Question 1:   What would your hair look like if you could choose?
black. raven black.
long and flowing, and either blonde, brown or black. (or just wavy for guys)
all the way down to my feet.
in the latest fashion.... whatever that may be.

Question 2:   You frequently dream of.........
taking over the world.
living a privileged life with tons of admirers.
living in a different time.
sparkly things and designer clothes.

Question 3:   What do you normally wear?
black or dark colours.
Rich colours, and anything that makes me look GOOD.
High collars, and long skirts. (or knee-length pants)
revealing/tight tops, short skirts, and... (I wish) Gucci

Question 4:   What do you do on weekends?
Work on my computer or come up with devious world domination plans.
Whatever I feel like (even if it IS illegal)
Read, paint, ride horses.
Go clubbing, party, dance, and other stuff ;)

Question 5:   If you had to chooses a song to describe you, which would it be?
I Fought the Law- Green Day
That Don't Impress Me Much- Shania Twain
100 Years- Five For Fighting
Naughty Girl - Beyonce

Question 6:   What's your favorite colour?
what else? black.
purple, crimson, gold, dark green, ect.
brown or white
bright pink or bright blue. Anything for attention!

Question 7:   If you had to take one of these items on a deserted island, which would you take?
my (solar-powered) lap-top
my maids, butlers, servants, and loyal subjects.
Food and water.
My cell phone.

Question 8:   The perfect present for you would be:
An un-traceable cell phone to communicate with my "friends" on.
Lots of pretty clothes or a 1st edition book.
something practical. Waste Naught Want Naught.
a racy car or racy clothes.... lingerie anyone?

Question 9:   At restaurants you order...
Cappuccino or Coke... something caffeinated to get me through the night.
A venti Latte and gelato (ice cream). (for dessert)
Some pork, mashed potatoes, and lots of veggies!
A salad and Evian water, or at least NO CARBS!

Question 10:   OK, last question: In 10 years (or however long it takes for you to be 25) what would career would you like to have?
A computer software tycoon........ during the day! Bwahahaha.
A CEO of a major international company, or MVP of my fave sport.
Maybe a farmer..... or I dunno, I might not live that long.
What's a career? Daddy pays for my expenses.

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