Are you fun to be around?
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Are you fun to be around?

Note: I'll try my hardest, but the results may not be accurate. This is just a way for bored people to kill time!:)

Question 1:   Which of the following best describes you?
Outgoing -- I talk to everyone.
Shy -- I don't know what to say!
Somewhere in between...

Question 2:   If you are at an amusement park with your friends, what would you most likely do?
Do all the rides and drag your friends along.
Watch your friends ride and stay where your hair won't get messed up.
Do what your friends want most of the time, even if it looks like a wild ride.

Question 3:   What do you talk about with your friends?
About what happened to you the other day.
Stuff they can relate to, like the new CD that came out, about their cool new shoes, etc.
Just listen to them and occasionally nod...

Question 4:   Which of the following describes you best?
Do whatever your friends want.
Tell your friends what to do.
You don't let your friends run your life, but you don't run theirs.'

Question 5:   Are you a Christian?
Yup...and I always tell people when they're sinning.
'No. Christians are too preachy and they think everything's a sin.' or 'No, I never really thought about God.'
Yeah. I try to do what God wants, but I try not to bash other people because of what they're doing.

Question 6:   Your school's team loses its last game of the season. What do you do?
Pout...and yell. THAT STUPID REF!
Show your disappointment and try pitiful attempts to cheer up and get over it soon.
You couldn't care less.

Question 7:   You have to do some hard work for the whole day. What's your attitude?
Your try to make the work fun, even though your co-workers just glare at you.
You are one of the glaring co-workers.
You just do the work and get done with other words, you don't make the work harder than it already is.

Question 8:   If you're at someone's house with a group of others and they ask you what you want to do, what's your response?
I don't care.
You give an answer that you think everyone will agree with, or you tell them what you want to do. In the end, you just sort-of go with the flow.
You say whatever you want to do and complain if you don't get your way.

Question 9:   Which of the following do you think is your best trait?
Sense of humor/fun.

Question 10:   What is your favorite pastime?
Hanging out with your friends/ talking over the Internet.
Eating/ Sleeping

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