What type of a risk-taker are you?
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What type of a risk-taker are you?

Question 1:   Adventure: What does that mean?
Trying the weirdest thing in a foreign restaurant
Adventure camp
Looking into his strawberry eyes, on a rainy day, half way through the french kiss

Question 2:   Which one's the 'least' scary?
Spotting a lizard on your own swim suit
Choco ice cream with onions
Falling in love
Err.. What does 'scary' mean?

Question 3:   What's more 'interesting'?
Pillow fight
Popcorn with extra cheese, an overstuffed chair, 'Seinfield' on TV
Blind date

Question 4:   Lost in the woods on a moonless night:
Looking for wood to build a house
Preparing to cross the thorny bushes to find a way out
Wrapped in a blanket with him, listening to the sound of dew drops
Eating Roasted fish

Question 5:   Swimming pool...
Dive in
Wade slowly until you reach the deep water
Looking. Wonderful.
Dip a foot into the water and shriek

Question 6:   What's more 'fun' tasting?
mountain dew
Food. Anything... from chocolates to cockroaches
every bite of life
A kiss

Question 7:   What's 'more' worth loving?
Thorny Bushes
Rotten Eggs
A sick boyfriend with donkey ears and wizard nose

Question 8:   You can cross the highest mountain, the deepest river, the crowdiest town:
To get errr... well, the thing I wanted before I started. (whatever)
If my perfect soulmate were on the other side.
If Cadbury promised me a lifelong supply of chocolates.
Just for the fun and adventure of it.

Question 9:   I love bumps and bruises.
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree

Question 10:   Life:
is nothing without food
means more.
is nothing without adventure camps
is nothing without love

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