How *Special* Are You?
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How *Special* Are You?

My daddy always said there were lots of special people out there in the world...are you one of them?

Question 1:   First of you know your full name?
Ummm...yeah, doesn't everyone?
Let me think.
Of course! And I know my mom's, and my dad's, and my grandma's, and...
Look...cheese puffs. They float. Heehee.

Question 2:   Did you go to school?
Only up to third grade...after that they took me to the special room, yellow...! Heeheehee!
Sadly, yes...
Yes, I got honors all the way through...and I went to Harvard.....
Crumpets. Sound the alarm.

Question 3:   What's your favorite TV show?
Barney and Friends! Teletubbies! BOO-bahs! Oh the pretty colors....
The TV is my special FRIENDDD....
Umm.....Southpark? Whatever's on TV is fine with me.
Probably the news. Does that count?

Question 4:   Name one color...any color...
Grrrrapy! I mean, purple. Yes...Purrrple....
Red orange yellow green blue indigo violet blah blah blah...

Question 5:   Do you have any friends?
The...the PILLOWS! The pillows are my friends!
Of course. We go to chess club together.
The rainbow is especially brilliant today.

Question 6:   What's your favorite saying?
...and as the muffs spread, the sand mixes and solidifies, expending to parts unknown.
I knew I was right.
Shut up.

Question 7:   What is your opinion about the environment?
The SNAILS! We must save the SNAILSSSS!
The mushy mushrooms...they have spread.
Well for one thing we've got to blah blah blah our blah blah policy blah.... comment. Please.

Question 8:   What do you think of your vocabulary?
snuffles. Those truffles...they crumble so maliciously.
It sucks. Or it's nonexistant. Or both.
I know more words than the Dictionary does!

Question 9:   What is the meaning of life?
So we could all attain successful positions in this world's economy.
As the sun rose, there was a crackling sound. and from its midst lifted the horrific CHICKEN.....!
So...uh...we could live? Dunno.....
To ride the beautiful pink pony......!

Question 10:   Lastly, what was the intent of this test?
I devour the butterflies one by one, into the distance.
To serve and protect!
To determine my level of intelligence! Aren't all tests like that?
To see how special I am...duh....

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