Are you Open Minded?

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Are you open minded? Are you a free thinker? Do you think outside the box? It comes down to the fact that some people have more ideas than other people. But being open minded is more than how many good ideas you have. Take this simple quiz to find out if you are truely open minded.

  • 1
    The world would be much better off if.....
  • 2
    You are assigned to make a poster for science class that shows the different species in an ecosystem. You.....
  • 3
    You like to.....

  • 4
    You read books that.....
  • 5
    You like to associate with people who.....
  • 6
    You have been given the chance to try something new that would draw attention to you. You.....

  • 7
    You feel most comfortable in .....
  • 8
    Your goal in life is to.....
  • 9
    If you had to create a piece of artwork, you would.....
  • 10
    If you could change one thing about someone you know (choose anyone) you.....

Comments (18)


308 days ago
My one friend I won’t say for privacy reasons keeps following me around it’s really getting on my nerves and she doesn’t understand the concept of boundaries how do I tell her I want to be around her but. Not always with her without sounding rude i don’t know what to do
521 days ago
I wouldn’t say I’m open minded bu I’m not not opened minded. I like to think I’m the way I think cause I believe no one understands me and when you think like that sometimes you can be messed up with other people beliefs and if their right or wrong. I don’t fully agree with this quiz.
538 days ago
It says I'm not open minded but that's not really true lol anyways
657 days ago
The results say I am open minded.
659 days ago
it says that i not open minded
775 days ago
the results say i am open minded
879 days ago
Yes! I am open minded. I have taken lots of test by allthetest and i belive in the results .
1212 days ago
I'm Open Minded
I think everyone has the right to think differently
(im a lesbian)
don't judge me . I have my own beliefs
1481 days ago
I'm open-minded (I knew I was).

I frequently ask people I'd f they're open-minded before I drop another question. They always say yes. Then, when I drop the other question, they flip out without a Seco d thought. Tsk. Sigh.
1624 days ago
I think this was a bit weird of a quiz, but whatever. You do you
1676 days ago
This does not test open mindedness this test is way off.
1678 days ago
so bad says im opend minded but says im not open minded make no mo fo sence
1678 days ago
This is extra litt i found out that i am open minded and i thought i was close minded ofc or w.e.
1685 days ago
i think there is one person i would choose to change maybe
1685 days ago
hey everyone
1685 days ago
i'm glad people don't think the same because we wouldn't have the stuff that we have now.
1685 days ago
i dont think that im that open minded.
2149 days ago
loved the survey i never understood myself untill i did this