Do I Have The Power of Telekinesis? Test

Have you always suspected - or wanted to know whether - you have the extremely cool power of telekinesis? Then give my quiz a try and find out if you do right now! P.S.: If you're not sure what telekinesis is, it's the power to move objects with your mind.

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    What is telekinesis?

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10 days ago
94 days ago
I t s a y s d e t i t i s n o t a de t i n g s i t e, B u t i would like tomorrow or Friday to go out to dinner 🍲 and we will go out for the next day off for the weekend so
94 days ago
A lso i likE btp s!,!,!!!!!!,!!😼
94 days ago
I a m J i m i n , a n d i. L. I. Ike bts
138 days ago
This is a bit childish. If you have tk you know. Best of luck to all😉
161 days ago
mine says i have telekenisis i need to practice to not loose it and its very strong! IM SO HAPPY IM GO TRY LIFTING SMTH LIKE A PAPER
201 days ago
My results say I have it but it is weak atm...I guess that's true.
236 days ago
i had it but i lost it...
306 days ago
when you look in the sky and stars at the sun you will meet a man named newt who will teach you how to enhance your pwoers
319 days ago
So, my results said mine is weak, but I already knew that, and I'm practicing :) A tip for some people, because this works for me, stare at the object you want to move for a while, and stay calm. Focus on that one object. In your eyes, it will look like its "shaking" in a way, but barely. Once it does that, you'll be able to move it. Usually using my hand helps me, so I'm not just using my mind.
320 days ago
I had a dream that I had telekinesis and then I woke up in my hand was falling asleep so I decide to do this quiz and I telekinesis but it said I'm a little weak and I need to practice
355 days ago
i got yes
379 days ago
You guys are delusional
391 days ago
I can really move a bike this awesome telekinesis I honestly have ...h.f.s.f.b.f
420 days ago
I know i am diffrent whenever i tell my mom i am taking this test she gets all sweaty And says
Why do you take these tests do you know something about yourself I also noticed peaple has been pointing at me and i don't know them
Whenever i catch them looking and pointing they quickly drive away so yea plus i am bullied no matter what
426 days ago
I defiantly have it even if it is weak (according to this test that is) (I once turned a lightbulb on and off a few times just by doing that clicking thing with my thumb and middle finger) but I am now very scared to make it any more powerful because I have recently been having these horrific sort-of futuristic dreams of where I am destroying everything in sight as well as killing everyone in sight just by using my mind. I don’t want to end up like Carrie White from Stephen Kings Carrie. Now I DO believe that I have the power to tell the future (if it isn’t just another form of TK which I actually believe it is) and I love that power but unfortunately it is all bad things happening like hurricanes, tornadoes, and volcanoes. Hell, I once killed two of my cats (whom were already sick) by saying “you will die tonight!” to them sssssoooooo.............yeah.......hell my TK powers maybe so great that I just don’t realize it........but anyways, yeah, I have them alright and it’s pretty scary. Not natural to have these powers in the slightest.
429 days ago
Keep training guys!!
429 days ago
I have It very well I wont lose it!
475 days ago
my dad works for big organisations i cannot mention who but they are very strong leaders in the world Orange2024. We are more powerful then we think we are and we do have the ability to strengthen our abilities just got to practice.
477 days ago
I Do Have the power of TK!And Said it was strong but idk and siad i will keep on training and i will! Sorry if it was hard for Just keep practicing and u will do it!!