Do I Have The Power of Telekinesis? Test

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Have you always suspected - or wanted to know whether - you have the extremely cool power of telekinesis? Then give my quiz a try and find out if you do right now! P.S.: If you're not sure what telekinesis is, it's the power to move objects with your mind.

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    What is telekinesis?

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1418 days ago
It says I have telekinesis, which is rlly cool! I have 2 other powers that I can think of. Being able to control the wind, and being able to predict the future.
1428 days ago
I mostly can control a candle flame, I can move a toothpick slightly, but I think I have mostly pyrokinesis, I don’t know!
1431 days ago
I can move things with my mind but now that much so i'm training. I can also control fire and i'm working on creating it and putting it out. When I tried to make fire in my hand my hand was tingling a lot and when my friend touched it she said it burnt her.
1442 days ago
So, when I was in the car with one of my pals, I concentrated really hard, and a plastic cup shook. I also was really concentrating on the wind, it became more powerful, but I felt really tired after that. Once, outside, there was a flag. There was no wind. I focused and the flag started moving. That night, when I was showering, I stared focusing really hard on the shower knob thingie, and it wiggled.
1463 days ago
Help me to develop i can do tk but only with the small objects
1473 days ago
Am I the only one that got "absolutely you have telekinesis!"? I mean I moved pieces of paper but that's about it. :/
1532 days ago
Says I have but I weak and I try nothing happens
1541 days ago
Its say weak but every time i try the cup would Shake and fall over and something would touch me
1564 days ago
It keeps on saying:I have it but its weak.
1568 days ago
I never tried my telakanises I dont know if I have other powers they might be hidden with this one I must go try super powers
1579 days ago
it said for me 100% yaaaaay
1632 days ago
I was playing with fire once and every time I light up a candle, the light started going out but there was no air blowing it out.
1654 days ago
It says i do have it but it is weak. And I need to work day and night to do it. What work do i do? Like how can i make it stronger? What do I need to do?
1660 days ago
As much as I watch supernatural shows I should have some knowledge of though it doesn't surprise me that I I can control fire or electricity
1689 days ago
Said I have a very strong power I just need to keep practicing so I don’t lose it
1696 days ago
it said i have it but its weak i guess i need to try more. I been practicing for 2 days. I feel like I can do it but.... I still cannot do it. Does it depend on age? I tried so many times. During school and at home. I have been having dream that I had it. Can it happen sooner?
1732 days ago
It said its weak but i tried ans it works i can make it fall down
1772 days ago
Cant wait to use my powers but I need to test it on something
1806 days ago
Please tell me my powers
1824 days ago
Cute test, however the creator of this test is off base. My hands move objects without the mumbo jumbo. It's a gift.