Do I Have The Power of Telekinesis? Test

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Have you always suspected - or wanted to know whether - you have the extremely cool power of telekinesis? Then give my quiz a try and find out if you do right now! P.S.: If you're not sure what telekinesis is, it's the power to move objects with your mind.

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    What is telekinesis?

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1879 days ago
I think I had because some time I think I can read any ones mind . Can anyone tell me how can I controls or increase it because it's very weak
1889 days ago
i have it (very weak) but it really only works on electronic stuff? perhaps its only wavelengths im manipulating? or a side effect of my psychic powers (ive tested myself several times and im psychic)?
1892 days ago
Know one thing guys? All these test can never accurately ensure you about these powers.... We all have these powers from birth... We just need to practice more and more to gain them, just like six packs. We all have six packs but it isn't visible at first. The more we practice, the better it becomes... I have these powers like my father practiced it... He taught me and even I gained those powers.... Guys you all have to practice on it more than you can imagine and its not an outcome of a few days or weeks, it may take up to several years and months... Good luck.
1898 days ago
So...I can use my power and it's very weak. I'm not sure how to make it stronger and I'm doing lots of research but nothing is poppings up, and every time I try to use my powers, I get a nose bleed from high blood pressure! My power is about as strong as a worm. Can someone please help?
Thank you!
1903 days ago
I need instructions to use my powers
1915 days ago
I practice telekinesis everyday for a little while. Things were actually moving! I started taking psychic power tests and they all said I had precognition (predict the future) and I would have deja vu a lot. I started to take more tests and they all said I have telepathy (reading people’s mind). I was brushing my sister’s hair one day and I said “rapunzel” and my sister said “I was just thinking that!”
1922 days ago
When I was nine years old my mom was droppings me off at daycare my birthday was the next day and I was mad for some reason, and I made this rock levitate, a car drove by and honked it’s horn I got scared and the rock flew and hit theirs girl in the head one week later she died in the hospital. Every now and then I’ll tap into my abilities but since that happened I’ve been scared I’ll hurt someone else someone please help me
1928 days ago
I fell down and then I saw something floating in the air I noticed it was me $
1930 days ago
How do i use to i have the power someone help plz
1959 days ago
Okay so it says i absolutely have tk. I dont know how to start to use it. Can someone help?
1978 days ago
When I was at the hospital, I got angry and upset, the fluorescent lights above me started to flicker... this was my first encounter with this... is anyone else going through something similar?
1992 days ago
This is very important thing for Lola if your ear is bleeding or other thing this is a sign that you have to stop trying. Some people tried very hard and at the ending the lost their mind seriously and very hurted so please stop trying my friend
2032 days ago
I think people are born with telekinesis. It seems like something subconscious that you can control by various methods, including intense meditation. Some things tend to move seemingly at random in my presence. I'm not sure how I'm going to learn how to control it, because I only have extremely good focus for certain things, which pretty much rules out meditation. Telekinesis is probably the only ability that I am capable of using. I REALLY want to control it. Maybe some day. I wish you all luck in your venture to learn how to control your telekinesis!
2035 days ago
I can't believe I have Telekenisis powers! Mine are very weak, but I will practice more to be able to do very well!
2039 days ago
I CAN NOT BELIEVE I HAVE TK POWERS! I'm really going to have to try really hard to control it. I've never tried it before....
2042 days ago
This is a question not a comment. Okay so I've been trying to do teleokinesis, and Everytime I do it my head hurts and sometimes my ears bleed. Is this a sign of it working or not?
2043 days ago
I'm soooooo happy it says I have absolute TK! Im gonna start doing meditation every day for about 30 minutes!!!!!!!😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
2064 days ago
Ask me about those things i can help you as much as i can even about the other powers names and exercises
2064 days ago
Hi it is me again i think you guys have to read this last time after i take this quiz i have read about kinetic powers and there are a hundreds of them and some pages they think those mind powers are not real but in my opinion they are real humans only use 0.001% of their minds but if we use atleast 3% of it we can do mysterious things and if we want to do it first of all we have to believe in it if you agree with me write a comment in this page
2068 days ago
I have weak