Am I a Fake Person? Quiz

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So, you're here to know whether or not you're fake - and if you've got what it takes to part with your lashes and hair extensions and snap back to reality.

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    Hair extensions or real hair?

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109 days ago
I needed that srry guys ignore pls
109 days ago
Oh that felt so good
109 days ago
Sorry I ranted there a little but here’s the girls I hate the most: Madeline, Maddie, lexi, Taylor, Kaylee, Alexandra, Elizabeth, Ella, Sasha, makayla, Claire, Clare, Emily and laira.
109 days ago
K look those who get fake tans wear hair extensions bleach there hair and pad theire undies and bras and who wear fake lashes and too much makeup and are always on there phones and gossip and try to wear all Nike an lululemon and ugg-ly slippers and leggings and only white shoes are fake but those who don’t are actually cool. The fakes are going to have to learn the hard way that they can’t always be spoiled brats and get what they want. We nature ones can actually live alone and figure it out.
861 days ago
Oh, and those who only wear flats?
861 days ago
Most of these questions do not have answers for all. What about natural blondes, those with good eyesight, the naturally big- chested, those who wear classy clothes (so not tight skirts, skinny jeans or most types of trousers) and those who wear no make up at all?
1051 days ago
Hey i know i can be kinda fake in the personality i mean no one is perfect but i don’t think that blonde hair and big behinds make you a fake person. i am a normal person who likes to dress up and stuff i wesr glasses too. my personality is also so-so you talk behind my back ill throw shizz to your way you nice to me ill be nice back personally i think other people think fake friends or what not is fake because of being back stabbers and so on but i think we all become back stabbers at times whether or not its a normal insult or a full fighting roast everyone has a flaw
1301 days ago
Question 8 is offensive,some people are natural blonds,I left the quiz just to comment this :< like,dude? (° ~ °)
\ \
2004 days ago
I'm an A cup, I'm tanned and I have black hair...aka Asian xD, I don't mind guys falling head over-heels for me and for my style but that doesn't mean I'm a 😘or anything. A one man gal. Also, why did they ask in the end if you're fake, isn't that the reason to why we took the quiz in the first place? #Identitycrisisme
2030 days ago
I wear a size b and it a sport bra I don't want all boys to be in my pants
2418 days ago
Why doesn't this quiz contain a natural blonde, do you have to be a brunette not to be fake? I'm a natural blonde and there is no option for that, I would rather be with my natural coloure
2456 days ago
Being fake is not about how you look, it's about not being afraid to be who you are as a person

I may dress to impress, but I always stay true to myself and I don't try to act like like someone who I'm not

You can take pride in your appearance and looks and still be real through your personality
2513 days ago
I dont understand, I wasn't looking to find out if I wear makeup or how I dress, none of this applies to me? I dont wear makeup hair extensions, just seems wrote kinda strange :/