Am I A Feminist?

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Everywhere you look these days, you see messages about feminism. Events in the news have inspired males and females alike to rethink feminist issues - or maybe to consider them for the first time. You might think the label doesn't apply to you...but are you right? Are you a feminist, or do you still think the old ways are best? Try this test to see where you fall on the feminism spectrum.

Trigger warning: Rape, sexual harassment and abuse are mentioned in this quiz.

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    Do you think men are superior to women?
    Do you think men are superior to women?

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5 days ago
I get that the definition can evolve over time, and certain opinions about one topic could heavily relate to another, but straight up half of these don't relate to feminism. Also third wave feminism is a 😘 joke,
12 days ago
if this was made of white female , I don't think it was appropriate to spell the n word so close to what it is actually spelled like.
12 days ago
When will people understand feminism is not about hating men, it's all about love for all?!!!!
I'm a 14 year old girl and I really don't agree with the way people say "I'm not sexist but I'm not one of those feminists (mocking tone)." You are either one or the other. Maybe this will get better if we call people either normal or sexist.
19 days ago
I got 83 percent not feminist (I went with sexist answers for everyone. I am not sexist bu =t not a feminist i just did this as a joke.)
22 days ago
The only outward difference between Kamala Harris and Amy Coney Barrett is that one is white and one is black. So Harris is a strong woman and Barrett isn’t??? Isn’t that racist? I just don’t even know anymore. People are just making up their own logic.
25 days ago
I'm a feminist because I think women are equal to men? Tf, can't I just be a decent human?
31 days ago
BI feminist

i agree with you, i play video games and i have my mic off half the time.. storytime: I was playing with 3 guys and had my mic turned off. they knew i was a girl and they were cool with that. we were 2v2ing and i hit one of the guys and he goes like "omg she's so gooooodddd" i just laughed it off. later the same guy goes like "i'm gonna protect you" like bro i can fight myself. after 2 hours, we're still playing and i killed one of the guys who apparently is "god at the game" and he says "broo the women hit me, go to the kitchen and make me a sandwich" i was like what? but before i went off at him the other two guys told him to calm down and how that's not funny. their still my friends but i don't play with them as often. if you read till here THANK U i just had to get this off my chest. bye! have a great day :)
32 days ago
I got 98% feminist. Many guys in my class are very sexist. Many of them don't choose girls to be on a team in P.E., or to be in their group during science/math class. They don't think girls are mart or athletic, but they can be.. just as much as men can. I don't think men are worth less then female, vise versa, or anything. This guy in my class thinks feminists hate men. That is not true! They support equality, not women superiority. Have a good day, and thanks for reading.
32 days ago
@ Luna

Wow Luna, I can't believe you are only 14! You sound really mature for your age. BTW, I am now 16. I am so happy that I made your day. Thank you for replying.
34 days ago

thank you! your reply made my day. so you're 15? i'm 14 lol when i read your paras i thought you were like in your 20's. you sound so mature, thank you for understanding me. i feel much better now cause i let all this off my chest. thank you lady-like
38 days ago
Just to correct a typo: gypsies are experiencing lack of equality.
39 days ago
And, BTW, one does not need to be a tom- boy (or any thing else considered not girly- girl) to think this way! I am feminine, girly and am traditional in many ways but I still think this way. I dress like a lady (no jeans or short skirts for me, thank you!) and still appreciate that some girls and boys want to dress "differently)" to any stereotype.
40 days ago
Woah- I seem to always write mini- essays instead of an email or comment below a test. BTW, I didn't even bother to take this test - I came to see what other people think. I am a few days away from 16, just so you know. I wonder how old you all are?
40 days ago
@ Aditya

I agree with you, Aditya (I love your name, BTW). I agree that we are progressing towards equality, but at a snail's pace. I think that the trans- gender and non- binary population aid the progression just by existing because one can be any gender they wish now (so long they can take the stick of it) and so we are not trapped by the expectations and rights of our genders as much as before. The world needs more people like you and Luna.

- Lady- like

Ps. I know this is a really weird thing to say but I am a gypsy (half tinker and half gypsy, to be precise) and so have some Indian blood also. You can tell that by my appearance. What I mean to say by this is gypsies and other races are also experiencing equality. It is not just women and black people who deserve better treatment. Equality should effect all.
40 days ago
@ Luna

Thank you Luna! Your reply mostly made sense to me and I am touched by the fact that you "respect my opinion". You sound like a beautiful person or, at very least, a person who has some of their morals straight - I like to think you are the former though. As much as I respect it, I slightly disagree with your view of what feminism is. Feminism was started to equal women to men in any way they were not deemed equal, not to help both genders. That is usually what egalitarians are all about, not feminists ( although you do get some people who identify as feminists but want rights for both genders ). You are right though : we NEED EQAULITY FOR BOTH GENDERS. Over the years, people have seemed to forgotten the true meaning of "feminist" etc. And I also do not understand why there is a name for a woman- hater but not a name for a man- hater. I think that, if there were more people like you, Luna, the world would be a better place. There is one thing that confused me about what you said: what did you mean by "sometimes when I look at these uneducated people going online, telling females to go back to the kitchen, I feel ashamed of being a girl"? I am sorry to ask because it is probably really obvious what you mean, but I hope you can find time and patience to answer. I hope this was the reply you were looking for (bar my confusion). God bless you.

- Lady- like
41 days ago
Young male from New Delhi, India. 53% is disconcerting because I was pretty much fair with all the questions by not making any gender superior. A lot of the questions were referring to one’s behavior such as dealing with someone who has been bad to you, so for me I wouldn’t be so nice and cut knots with that person “regardless of the gender”, I guess that slipped my score quite a lot. Anyway, we need equality for ALL the genders and we’re striding towards that. You should only judge an individual by their character and how they deal with you. Everything else should be insignificant. Love comes first! - Aditya.
42 days ago
@lady- like

(i'm also a girl) Yes, i agree. people are taking feminism the wrong way. sometimes when i look at these uneducated people going online, telling females to go back to the kitchen, I feel ashamed of being a girl. people think being a man is like you're not even a human, you can't cry or even do stuff that is considered "for the woman" like washing the dishes or staying at home. Like people are taking feminism so far, they are making it look like females have no right, like we're all getting😘d or stuff like that. I respect your opinion, we need equality for BOTH genders, being a feminist is about fighting for both genders rights, not putting one above the other. Really hope that makes sense, hope you reply :)
44 days ago
And Blank, I like you a lot. I recon we have a lot in common. So refreshing to hear someone like me! God bless you! He loves people who believe in equality. Nobody is better than anybody else, as my great- grandmother used to always used to say. Oh, and her sons? Would do anything she told then to, no matter what. Her husband was a real man and a gentleman and never repressed her in the slightest. She ruled their home and he was still manly.
44 days ago
Hey, I am an egalitarian and get really frustrated by modern feminism (I am a girl, BTW). In all honesty, I think that older feminism was pretty selfish considering it started ultimately to combat an issue that men (well, lower- class men) were also suffering from. But modern feminism? I think that to act as you accuse your "oppressors " of acting is disgusting. Being shamed for shaving, being girly and wanting to be a stay- at- home- mother and wife is just as bad as being shamed for not doing so. Yes, some men do force the females they have any form of power over to be a certain way but why use that as an example of all men? What about the fact that men rarely get rights to their children, are considered incapable of being abused ( look at Johnny Depp), are often expected to break their backs working to be considered a "man" etc, etc? What about that vile white feather campaign from the war? Men are are often branded as the abusive gender but I disagree. There is more than one type of abuse. Scientific study shows that the reason that women are less physically abusive is that their build does not match that of a man. Human females are less built for physical attack than men, hence doing it less so. Females mostly abuse mentally and verbally and there is too much of that around (like physical abuse). So yes, both men and woman are capable of abuse. And although many men are abused (just as women also are), where are the much needed help lines etc? One does not need to be physically abused to need help, you know. I will stop there as I could go on for hours. All I am trying to say is that women also have faults and need to be taught how to treat men with respect just as men need to be taught how to treat women with respect. "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world" and "Behind every great man their is a even greater woman" are just a few sayings that show how women actually have an awful lot of influence. Maybe not always in Parliament etc but at home. Well raised boys will do whatever Mummy tells them to do. The same goes for a well- trained husband (disgusting phrase but true). Who got the men to vote for women's' rights? Their mothers and wives.
44 days ago
um no, don't kill all men. Instead, teach them how to respect women. It starts from a young age, parents don't teach their boys basic respect, they grow up doing disgusting stuff. You wrote this comment a while ago, i hope your opinion changes. I don't wanna start a fight sister, after all, we're all on the same time *sigh*