Am I A Feminist?

Everywhere you look these days, you see messages about feminism. Events in the news have inspired males and females alike to rethink feminist issues - or maybe to consider them for the first time. You might think the label doesn't apply to you...but are you right? Are you a feminist, or do you still think the old ways are best? Try this test to see where you fall on the feminism spectrum.

Trigger warning: Rape, sexual harassment and abuse are mentioned in this quiz.

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    Do you think men are superior to women?
    Do you think men are superior to women?

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10 days ago
e.g. question 6. how about " its extremely rude in most situaltions, although I do not wish to cencor speech"
10 days ago
I really get the feeling this test was made by a femenist, perhapse understanding liberal opposition of identity politics would help you give better possibe responces. Very often my views were not given as an option,
14 days ago
I'm a male and I got 67% I believe I'm a feminist
15 days ago
90% I am and I do believe I am :))
18 days ago
It was a nice test
18 days ago
Kind of a good test.
89 days ago
I got 87% feminist. It kind of makes sense, I've been trying to create a feminist club for years. I kind of don't understand why I got 87%. Overall, Great quiz!
96 days ago
Not a feminist. So happy. Men and women aren't equal they're just different and you what, there is NOTHING wrong with that.
133 days ago
Feminist, I guess it makes sense because I am a female and yes I do not hate men I think they should be equal.
159 days ago
so not hating men makes you less feminist?wow, okay
178 days ago
I am a feminist! Niceeee
183 days ago
Feminism Isn’t Always Women Getting Better Rights, Its Just Equal Rights for All, Men, Women, Transgenders, Bi-genders And Like.
184 days ago
237 days ago
I get that the definition can evolve over time, and certain opinions about one topic could heavily relate to another, but straight up half of these don't relate to feminism. Also third wave feminism is a 💗 joke,
243 days ago
if this was made of white female , I don't think it was appropriate to spell the n word so close to what it is actually spelled like.
244 days ago
When will people understand feminism is not about hating men, it's all about love for all?!!!!
I'm a 14 year old girl and I really don't agree with the way people say "I'm not sexist but I'm not one of those feminists (mocking tone)." You are either one or the other. Maybe this will get better if we call people either normal or sexist.
250 days ago
I got 83 percent not feminist (I went with sexist answers for everyone. I am not sexist bu =t not a feminist i just did this as a joke.)
254 days ago
The only outward difference between Kamala Harris and Amy Coney Barrett is that one is white and one is black. So Harris is a strong woman and Barrett isn’t??? Isn’t that racist? I just don’t even know anymore. People are just making up their own logic.
257 days ago
I'm a feminist because I think women are equal to men? Tf, can't I just be a decent human?
263 days ago
BI feminist

i agree with you, i play video games and i have my mic off half the time.. storytime: I was playing with 3 guys and had my mic turned off. they knew i was a girl and they were cool with that. we were 2v2ing and i hit one of the guys and he goes like "omg she's so gooooodddd" i just laughed it off. later the same guy goes like "i'm gonna protect you" like bro i can fight myself. after 2 hours, we're still playing and i killed one of the guys who apparently is "god at the game" and he says "broo the women hit me, go to the kitchen and make me a sandwich" i was like what? but before i went off at him the other two guys told him to calm down and how that's not funny. their still my friends but i don't play with them as often. if you read till here THANK U i just had to get this off my chest. bye! have a great day :)