Are You a Feminist? Play This Quiz Now & See

News events have prompted both males and females to rethink feminist issues or to consider them for the first time. To many people, feminism seems like something much more extreme than simply fighting for equality of the sexes. You might think the label of "feminist" doesn't apply to you. You might be right, but you might be surprised! Are you a feminist, or do you still think the traditional ways are best? Or are you in the middle? Play this quiz and see how feminist you are or aren't. P.S.: Males can be feminist, too, if they support women's equality.

Note: Rape, sexual harassment and abuse are mentioned in this quiz.

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    Do you think men are superior to women?
    Do you think men are superior to women?

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12 days ago
As expected, this quiz tried to say nice things are feminist and bad things like sexism against men aren't. You seem to stand rather alone, what with the rest of feminism being against men's rights, against men in general, and constantly pushing for society to hate men, want to kill all men, live without men, etc. Especially if those men dare also to be born white.
108 days ago
The 11 question is “are men or women smarter?” And there are 2 choices of men being smarter but no choice about women being smarter
132 days ago
I got 67% Feminist, and im a male, very accurate for me. I support women, men, anybody whos a good person.
237 days ago
By the way, should change the title from “Am I feminist?” to “Am I WOKE”.

Glad I am not WOKE too.
You guys, go get job and get life, losers
237 days ago
I don’t consider myself feminist and I don’t wanna be one but I got 30% feminist. I picked what were close to my values; and I have general dislike and distrust towards humans (except myself and my family) but I treat men and women equally, so I picked the same answer for men and women.
Oh and I hate ugly and fat people, has nothing to do with women or men. Lol
281 days ago
Um, this is not a 'feminist' test.

Change the name of it to "Am I a leftist Democrat?" It's more accurate 🙄
308 days ago
e.g. question 6. how about " its extremely rude in most situaltions, although I do not wish to cencor speech"
308 days ago
I really get the feeling this test was made by a femenist, perhapse understanding liberal opposition of identity politics would help you give better possibe responces. Very often my views were not given as an option,
312 days ago
I'm a male and I got 67% I believe I'm a feminist
313 days ago
90% I am and I do believe I am :))
316 days ago
It was a nice test
316 days ago
Kind of a good test.
387 days ago
I got 87% feminist. It kind of makes sense, I've been trying to create a feminist club for years. I kind of don't understand why I got 87%. Overall, Great quiz!
394 days ago
Not a feminist. So happy. Men and women aren't equal they're just different and you what, there is NOTHING wrong with that.
431 days ago
Feminist, I guess it makes sense because I am a female and yes I do not hate men I think they should be equal.
457 days ago
so not hating men makes you less feminist?wow, okay
476 days ago
I am a feminist! Niceeee
481 days ago
Feminism Isn’t Always Women Getting Better Rights, Its Just Equal Rights for All, Men, Women, Transgenders, Bi-genders And Like.
482 days ago
535 days ago
I get that the definition can evolve over time, and certain opinions about one topic could heavily relate to another, but straight up half of these don't relate to feminism. Also third wave feminism is a 🌻 joke,