Which Moral Philosophy Suits Me The Best?

You might not consider yourself to be following a moral philosophy, but you are! There are at least five major ones a person can follow. Your own philosophy might match one of them, or take bits from two or more. Take this test to see which moral philosophy you follow the most closely.

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    Why is being dead a bad thing?
    Why is being dead a bad thing?

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515 days ago
You gotta give more nuanced options between the yes or no spectrum. Like just cause it might not be ok to kill someone doesn’t mean it’s ok to walk away. And if there’s legitimately no other option than I think utilitarianism of the needs of the many win out. But that isn’t reflected in the nuance of the answers to the test.
750 days ago
I hate these questions, these questions don't exist on my minds.
928 days ago
Quiz was alright until the movie questions.
949 days ago
@KE there is still the option to incapacitate them, there is no need to kill them. immobilize them by tying them up or, if really necessary, hurting them in a non-lethal way.
950 days ago
Question 5. If one attempts to break into my home and harm my family if I kill them it’s not immoral of me. Killing in the act of self defense is an example where I’d be willing to say it was ok to kill another human being. None of the answers I felt were addressing that.
1061 days ago
If I personally believe that something is moral if it follows an individual's framework, then how am I supposed to pick a Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings character? They would all be "virtuous". Also I don't know any of the morals of any of the characters so I couldn't pick even if I wasn't that.
1062 days ago
The cheating question is far too abstract, even if I could cheat, the option to never tell them to avoid screwing them up but leaving them to find someone new isn't there
1116 days ago
Q. You cheated on your romantic partner. You’re feeling a bit guilty. What do you do now?
A. I don't care what happens. If she has a problem with it, that's her problem, not mine.
1178 days ago
Couldn't finish it. Pop references are lazy.
1206 days ago
Can you please not rely on pop culture references? Your experiences are not universal. I have no idea what any of the Lord of the Rings and most of the Harry Potter characters are like. It grinds the test to a halt when I have to research that.