Do you have feminine tendencies? (for guys)

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Have you ever wondered if people think you act like a girl? Well, based on these results, you may find many results in the feminine category. This may lead to minor gayness. Yeah, you wanna get that looked at.

  • 1
    I am more into _____
  • 2
    I prefer to travel with _____
  • 3
    When it comes to food, I prefer _____

  • 4
    When I do a laborious job _____
  • 5
    I prefer _____
  • 6
    I am _____

  • 7
    In my free time, I like to _____
  • 8
    In my opinion, people are successful because of their _____
  • 9
    I would prefer to work _____
  • 10
    When it comes to sports, _____

  • 11
    I would want my dog to be _____
  • 12
    I would like to own a _____
  • 13
    I _____
  • 14
    I would rather be _____
  • 15
    When I eat, I _____
  • 16
    When it comes to jobs, _____

  • 17
    If I had a million dollars, I would _____
  • 18
    If my car broke down, I would _____
  • 19
    I like to _____
  • 20
    I think I am _____

Comments (14)


207 days ago
I got that I am feminine, but im also gay so thats what I was expecting lol
242 days ago
hey. im a female. and i got that i have high testosterone. and that i do not have to worry about gay discrimanation. i think this quiz is a tad bit outdated and slightly homophobic.
390 days ago
Feminine I knew it 🌈✊
565 days ago
It's perfect for who I am except a loner have lots of female and guy friends also it's true I would be perfect for a gay guy IM gaaaaayyyyyy of course LOL.
835 days ago
"You show a lot of feminine tendencies, and you need you consider your priorities. This does not mean that you are gay, rather, it means that you would suit a gay personality really well. Also, you may just not be like most people. You may just be a loner."

I'm actually gay so I'm not offended or bothered by being effemininte. It's WAY better than been manly. I'm just offended by that last bit that said I was a loner and not like other people. That's weird. How did you know?
854 days ago
"You are definitely a guy with high testosterone and good sense of manliness in you. You don't have to worry about any gay discrimination." im ftm trans, im not on t and im extremely gay. cool.
948 days ago
This is crazy insensitive, being gay isn't a reason to worry. Men & Women aren't just stereotypes. ALSO I've seen some burly-ass gay dudes so yeah
1022 days ago
Maman me disait que j'étais une fille
1068 days ago
Test says i'm a masculine guy with high testosterone levels. See, i'm female. Anywho, i think your results are homophobic af! Telling me not to worry that i can be mistaken to be gay. Like pointing out that being mistaken to be gay should make me worry
1244 days ago
Being gay and being feminine are two different things
1249 days ago
" is recommended that you take further testing on whether you are homosexual. But you are like most guys, so don't feel bad or weird."
1274 days ago
Apparently I can't say S*&t without it turning into a heart.
1274 days ago
I lost my head when it said, "Don't worry. Maybe take a test to see if you're homosexual." I can't lol.
1313 days ago
"But youre like most guys so don't freak out" why don't freak out? Cuz someone might be gay?