How Lonely Are You? Mental Health Quiz

Do you feel lonely a lot, or have you been feeling increasingly lonely lately? This loneliness quiz can tell you if you can consider yourself a lonely person. For better mental health, it's critical to feel connected and to have enough social interactions for your personality type - at least with a few close friends.

Most people feel lonely at least occasionally. If this describes you, and you feel unhappy and alone, you might need to meet people, or to just have more social interactions with your close friends. This loneliness quiz can help you figure out what to do to feel connected and happier.

  • 1
    How old are you?
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How close are you to your friends?
  • 3
    What stereotype do you think you are/were at school, work, or wherever else you spend a lot of time?

  • 4
    Do you have imaginary friends?
  • 5
    How happy would you say you are on a scale of 1-10? 10 is the happiest.
  • 6
    Why are you taking this quiz?

  • 7
    Do you ever become deeply emotionally attached to people (not including a boyfriend/girlfriend)?
  • 8
    Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse?
  • 9
    Do you like to read?
  • 10
    How are you doing (really)?

Comments (32)


7 days ago
Anyone that wants to vent, use this link I will listen
127 days ago
It said I'm a bit lonely. I have depression, anxiety, prob PTSD, social anxiety, I self-harm & I've tried to commit suicide once. I still want to commit. I only have a couple of friends but know there both getting distant, I think I'm loosing them.
241 days ago
Fine quiz, but not super accurate.
I got the 'a little lonely' one.
I'm diagnosed with autism, adhd, severe social anxiety and depression. I don't have a single friend, I'm not that close with my family besides my mom, etc.
I sit by myself, do things by myself, everything by myself. I'm actually really lonely.
And I've NEVER been popular in the slightest. If anything, I've always been the weird, lonely kid, sitting alone, getting homework done, and turning down party invitations.
272 days ago
You no I use to b lonely because I had no one but myself, but now I have a mother figure who's my cousin, n I have a brother figure n I have a grandma figure, n I'm always around other kid's to n I love itttt goodbye lonely mess hello family 🙂🙂🙂🙂
594 days ago
its been pretty lonely. I'm 12, and i had to move away from my foster mom, dad, and 6 SIBLINGS. That's a lot of people! I was close to them, but then my grandma took me away after meeting me at my real moms funeral (long story for another day)..Its only me, my grandpa, and grandma. My only actual close friend i've made from being here since february 4th, a year before this last february 4th, told me she didn't want to be my friend anymore cuz i kept grabbing her stuff and splitting her and this girl ashley apart when they were shoulder-to-shoulder. I was afraid that exact thing was gonna happen, and...well..I couldn't prevent it. It's been the loneliest days ever. I cut my wrist then I couldn't stop until my grandma say since i didn't cover it, and i played it off as cat scratching. i don't think she was really convinced. It was like the knife kept calling for me or something so now i've started to cut my thigh. I want to go back home :/ Thanks for listening, whoever reads this :>...
696 days ago
i’m so lonely oof- i just want someone to love me un-platonically (but i’m not even 13 yet) yeah i’m weird but i just feel like- *insert pain emoji??* i hate quarantine it did this to me >:(
747 days ago
@Lisymel thanks soo much for being soo supportive! I dont know why boys cant be friends with girls! its not like its soo bad! i guess ive learned to be alone over time in this pandemic... so i guess im used to it? either way i know its going to be over soon!!!
752 days ago
@YeahItzMe, thank you so much it feels great to be appreciated! You’re all my family here so I just want to share some love. I read your posts and you’re right it’s hard being lonely especially during a pandemic where it’s safer to be alone! It’s a sad time. Your post resonated with me because when I was a kid my friend was a boy and I am a girl so I felt left out too when he got teased for being friends with a girl and then decided to spend more time with the other boys. Which is a silly reason to get teased! So I felt rather alone then too. But I was lucky because it was a time before pandemic! And I could spend time with others and ended up meeting a new friend who is my best friend to this day!
It’s going to be difficult through this time but I’m confident we’ll all get through it and find friends who we can once again hug and play together. And friends that you feel loved by. Sending love and hugs from me to you my friend, at least we’ve got internet to share it! 💚
759 days ago
and again @lisymel thanks for supporting everyone for over a year
759 days ago
and im only 10 so its hard being lonely while your only a kid
759 days ago
i also know its just a roller coaster but that was an example
its reallly hard , like they dont even talk to me
atleast one thats really supportive does sometimes (the 2nd oldest)
759 days ago
@lisymel and thanks soo much for supporting everyone :)
759 days ago
i am lonely, i don't have that many friends. once in a while at school breaks id play with a few of my friends. they are all boys tho so i'm usually left out for being a girl. they are all older then me too. example last year we went to a roller coaster and i wasn't allowed to sit with them because there weren't enough seats..there were four boys including my brother and the roller coaster had like 2 by 2 rows. the two youngest boys sat together and the oldest sat together. i was a girl and had no partner, so i sat alone. and all my other friends moved county, moved school etc. its hard for me to make friends in this pandemic or with doing "DL" (distance learning). i'm not allowed have a phone so i cant even chat to them (i'm only 10) . i hope that everyone else lonely like me can go make friends when this pandemic is over. and i hope everyone can be kind and help out to lonely or sad people to make this world happier.
thanks for listening.
781 days ago
@...hey, hugs my friend 💚 while I can’t give you certainty that it will get better, all I can do is give virtual hugs and love and hope that it gives you joy in whatever time you have in this life. You are right this world is hard. Maybe it won’t get better. But maybe it will? I try to just live in the moment. Even that’s hard sometimes. I wish you happiness my friend. Death doesn’t give us any certainty either. But be certain that I love you no matter what. 💚
790 days ago
My loneliness isn't that kind of loneliness that you feel when you don't have any friends or they don't understand you and stuff like that. I have chronic loneliness and I know it's never gonna get better. Might as well commit suicide and end my four year+ long suffering....
793 days ago
@cyro, ach i forgot it censors expletives! Green hearts are hugs and the other emoji symbol they count as an expletive 😂
793 days ago
@cyro, hugs my friend 💚 I’m glad the test was accurate but yes it 💗to be lonely. Sending more hugs and love to remind you that you are loved 💚
793 days ago
@Elizabeth Afton, hugs my friend 💚 it’s not fair to be bullied. I wish you strength to be kind to yourself and others even when they hurt you. That may mean telling someone you trust in your life to help keep you safe and dealing with unkindness with good humour. You’re strong! Sending you more hugs 💚
797 days ago
I have friends but they backstab me and side the bully. They also stole my money once.
797 days ago
I'm also physically bullied every time I go to school.